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I chased success in the corporate world and then as an entrepreneur. 

I caught the carrot: the career, possessions & the 7 figure package.

But instead of freedom, I felt trapped. Rather than fulfilled, I felt empty.

So I searched for real success. I found flow, a path to freedom and fulfilment.

Now I help intelligent, rational & committed humans navigate this path.

When you live in flow, you unleash your purpose. You express your true potential. It is unavoidable & unstoppable. This is full power living and it feels amazing.

Your impact is constrained by the limits of your awareness.

My life's work is helping others elevate self-awareness and achieve non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

Flow becomes more than a fleeting state, but a way of life that builds deep presence, expands inner power and unleashes authentic purpose.

This system of self-transformation is based on 10 years of experimental research and a deep interest in where science and spiritual traditions intersect.  

My life transformation and that of my clients is a testament to the power of this path.


If you are on the edge of a breakthrough or transition, remember that its a different world once you make the drop, because you have become a different human.
D.M.T DEEP METAMORPHIC TRAINING ∞rapid GROWTH FOR the super-dedicated∞



∞rapid GROWTH FOR the super-dedicated∞

∞the FLOWSTATE COLLECTIVE∞ a global tribe of purpose-hunters Launching feb 2017


a global tribe of purpose-hunters

Launching feb 2017

catalyse.io innovation hub ∞COMING SOON∞


innovation hub


The Happier Death Project ∞Live joyfully∞

The Happier Death Project

∞Live joyfully∞



The Flowstate podcast is a HIT! Every week thousands of flow-seekers around the world tune in to learn how to unleash human potential and live a more fulfilling life. 

Listen to me interview neuroscientists, psychologists, adventurers, entrepreneurs, artists, consciousness explorers, athletes, social innovator's, breathing experts, Kung Fu masters... and label defying legends like the great Wim Hof.

The next season launches in early 2017 and I'm looking for your input!

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It wasn’t too long ago when i was living each day in miserable depression. But I’ve been having some magnificent breakthroughs recently.
I wanted you to know that my shift in perspective has largely been a result of our conversations - your diligent and concerted efforts to push me to see things differently. You’ve had such an incredible impact on me.
— Advait Shinde, Forbes 30 under 30; CTO & Co-founder of GoGuardian.com
Jiro offers a unique and valuable perspective to anyone interested in personal development, high performance or spiritual exploration.
He is able to open-mindedly embrace very different disciplines (including psychology, neuro-biology, spirituality) to understand how to get past blocks to higher functioning.

His approach is deeply honest and practical. He is a role model of humility, curiosity, and energy. Jiro is deeply committed to helping others achieve their goals and I feel very grateful to have worked with him.
— Harvard trained Psychiatrist & management consultant
The impact you have on me and many lives is extremely humbling.
I am so grateful to have you as a coach, mentor and friend and I look forward to or continued growth and the impact we can make.
— Cam Speck, President & COO Fitplan Technologies

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