Snowboarding down mountains, surfing waves, meditating with monks in Japan, exploring forests, climbing trees, deal-making in the finance industry, partaking in ceremonies in jungles, dialoguing with friends, sitting in silence as the sun sets, entrepreneurial vision-questing... are all flow experiences for me.

Flow is the sublime state that connects me with the rhythms of nature & my infinite power. 

I curate my existence and practice with discipline, in pursuit of a life in flow.

Everything is connected by seemingly hidden forces. What connects the dots, and connects us all is what I dedicate my life to exploring and experiencing.

In my 20's I filled my mind with wisdom from Taoists, Buddhists and Yogi's and learned powerful embodiment and breathing techniques. In my 30s, I  explored the modern convergence point of science, and went deep into the neuroscience and psychology of peak experience and mind-body connection.

In 2012 I first read Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. 

This book gave me a framework through which to connect mystical experience, eastern philosophy and neuroscience with a knowing that there is a different way to live.

This was validation that the path to my most meaningful life spirals inward to my expanding consciousness and flow of energy. It also spirals outward, towards the emerging future and the natural expression of my growth.

The exploration of this path is now my raison d'être- my mission & destiny.

jiro flowstate

Whats my Flow practice?

Meditation is the cornerstone of my practice. For 16 years I have shaped my mind and brain using this powerful technique of connection and stillness.  

Nature is my greatest teacher. I love being in the ocean. I love climbing trees, snowboarding, sliding and going fast.

Movement is my practice- surfing, Qi Gong and occasionally yoga.

I love to hold my breath & free dive. 

I love exploring altered states, through all the above, but also through breath work, plant medicines, psychedelics, and flow.

Some of my other routes to flow include writing, surfing, snowboarding, climbing trees, doing podcasts, helping others and immersing in deep dialogue.

aaaaahhhh. FREEEEEEDOM!

aaaaahhhh. FREEEEEEDOM!


When you create space in your life to go deep into something you are curious about, and you do it with passion and commitment, you emanate a power which creates a new external reality.
— ∞

As I write these words, watching flocks of birds fly over rice paddies in Bali, I can truthfully tell you that I love myself and I love all of life. 

My life is the full manifestation of a I dream I once had.

My life today is dedicated to a purpose far bigger than me- I'm catalysing change in collaboration with others. 

If you resonate, and want to learn with me, and break through your limits, so you can feel what lies on the other side, click below, I'd love to talk.