Coach/ Mentor/ Advisor to Business Founders & Creative Visionaries


Hello my friend. My name is Jiro. 

I'm a high performance coach/ mentor and a strategic advisor to CEOs, creative change-makers and business founders. 

My work is all about growth from the inside out: inner growth that naturally results in business growth.

My passion is in working with curious, intelligent and open-minded business founders who are excited to grow as humans.

It's been so fulfilling to see the positive effects of this work ripple out into relationships, art and businesses.

I'm a father-to-be, surfer, tech start-up investor, web 3.0 enthusiast, founder of 3 companies, meditation teacher, wilderness rites of passage guide, poet, writer, ceremonialist, and curator of exquisite psychedelic journeys.

Contact me here for a private conversation about working together, if you're the sort that wants to go deep. :)


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