I'm an ocean-creature with Japanese and Celtic ancestry.

I love exploring altered states of consciousness, weaving ancient wisdom with modern ideas, and exploring what it is to Be a human living on Earth.

Currently I serve as a leadership coach to mission-guided CEOs, start-up founders and change-makers, and a strategic advisor to a selection of companies.

My passion is guiding artists, entrepreneurs, founders and creators, multi- talented movers and shakers, flow connoisseurs & savant change-makers on journeys way beyond the mind, to connect with source and lead from this place.

Supporting others to explore the sacred realms of life and leadership is my jam.


Some of the businesses I advise & co-create with.


A Few of my Contemplations.

Be a Warrior of the Heart

Aug 20, 2021

I am that I am: A Prayer from my heart to those on the Path of reme...

Feb 02, 2021

Shambhala Warrior- A Sacred Community of Men on the Path of Truth

Sep 11, 2020

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