Thriving CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders know how to rest, recharge and reset.


The ones stuck in survival modes hustle and grind out of guilt or ineptitude... until burn out.

Awakened Leaders Quests are for the 1% of the 1% of entrepreneurs who are truly committed to the path of waking up, showing up and stepping up to transform business, culture and global systems.


They have become a non-negotiable event in the annual calendar of my clients because they offer a rare blend of:

  • Deep rest and luxury
  • Adventures in nature
  • Laughter, fun and games
  • Consciousness expanding ceremonies
  • High performance workshops 
  • Leadership Council & dialogue circles
  • Daily meditation, breathwork & movement 
  • Yummy and healthy food
  • Massages


Each Quest is different, based on where we are going and what the theme is.

What remains consistent is that we bring together like-minded leaders, we create an vibe of trust and authenticity.

Our collective intention is to explore techniques that help us achieve a rare kind of self-mastery required to thrive and "live in flow". 

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Since 2014 I have curated Leadership Quests that have offered a potent pattern-interrupt from daily life.

Each year the formula gets refined, based on feedback and my observations on what the modern day, high performing leader needs to stay on the emerging edge.

My mission is to provide experiences that give clients a total "reality systems upgrade".

I back myself to this because I know what happens when you gather visionary, big-thinking, action-taking humans together and go deep into truth. 

It's legit magic.

When the tension is released, bodies and mind relax, people play.

Play activates awe and intuition.

Intuition ignites curiosity.

Curiosity catalyses ideas.

Ideas emerge from the individual and collide in the collective field like high speed protons in the Hadron Collider, resulting in...

... Explosions of possibility.

Previous limits and perceptions of reality get destroyed. 

New dimensions of awareness get activated.

This happens randomly and spontaneously... in conversations around the pool, in a shamanic ceremony with plants, in a dream while having a siesta or while sitting in a leadership council circle.

With PLENTY of time and space to chill out, integrate new breakthroughs and chat about ideas, these visions become more than shooting stars never to be thought of again. 

They become plans... and when you get home, our coaching together helps you integrate them into your life and business. 

Oh.. and I haven't even talked about the fun, the laughter, the sheer joy of going on adventures with awesome humans.

Take that as a given. 😀




We only take 12 people on each trip. It's hard to get accepted.

Current coaching clients get priority.

But, if you feel the call apply below. 

Over the last 3 years we have gone to Japan, Maui, Peru, Bali, Berlin and Byron Bay, Australia. 

Our next trip will be in Kaui, later in 2020. More details coming soon.


Apply for Awakened Leaders Quest

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