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I am that I am: A Prayer from my heart to those on the Path of remembering who you really are

Feb 02, 2021
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Shambhala Warrior- A Sacred Community of Men on the Path of Truth

Sep 11, 2020

Much has changed in the human story in the last few hundred years. Yet, here we are in 2020, and the same systems of oppression and greed plunder the Earth.

The same cultural lies cut people off from nature and the sacred. Boys dressed as men run companies and countries.

The awesome feminine powers of creation are dishonored in a million ways. We are living in initiatory times.

Wild-fires, pandemics, and ecological disasters are the symptoms.

So many ancient prophecies foretold these symptoms and articulated the cause: separation from the Earth and ourselves…. the great forgetting that we are one.

Now, as fear threatens to isolate and increase the disconnect, it is not time to play small and fall into the traps of fear: Now is the time to rise up as warriors of the heart, to rebel against this culture and stand up for what we know is true.

Not long after the fires went out in Australia, I went on a pilgrimage with 6 brothers to walk the scorched lands. We listened to the...

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Trust in Nature to Build Confidence, Courage & Trust in Yourself

Apr 07, 2020

There are those few masters who can sit in the mystery of all that unfolds with the serenity of a Zen monk... or a Shambhala Warrior.

What I notice is that these rare ones have developed a relationship with nature. Not a "walk in the woods once a week" relationship.

This profoundly romantic and respectful relationship is nourished by 2-way dialogue and rituals of giving and receiving.

Those who have such a relationship with the Earth are able to revel in mystery... to feel a joyous, cheeky excitement at the unknowableness.

There is a humbling sense of awe. But also a trusting so deep that it allows for playfulness.

The trusting is that all unfolds with perfection... so the mind can unclench and let go, surrender to the flow.

This playful trust invites in curiosity.... so this type of peaceful warrior can observe with curious presence and appropriate preparedness the unfolding.

It also invites in courage... because when there is a feeling of love and belonging... there is natural...

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Life is Good - we must feel this to thrive

Apr 06, 2020

Fellow human beings... are we keeping them vibes real high?

Don't forget that this is the real battle. There is a war going on... and I'm not talking conspiracy theory stuff.

I'm talking the battle that goes on in the minds of every single human being that has ever existed... between fear and love.

And the real conspiracy is not a theory... it is the actual fact that in every given moment we have free choice.

But forces in us (and therefore around us) make it seem as though we don't have the free choice to choose our response and attitude and vibe in every moment.

The real conspiracy is that we get hoodwinked into forgetting the basic, intrinsic goodness of life.... the natural amazingness of being alive and experiencing our aliveness.

This grand conspiracy created by our own minds is played out as misery, ungratefulness, anxiety and all suffering caused by the weight of stories that block out the natural goodness of being alive.

What we yearn for... what we actually want... is the...

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TRIGGAWAKENING - Awakening to your Own Bullshit through Awareness of your Triggers

Mar 09, 2020

"When you can smell your own bullshit it means you are not in it."

"The day you realise how full of shit you are you are least full of shit."

My friend Chris Knight shared these nuggets with me after I shared a recent story of waking up to some of my own egoic delusion... my own bullshit.

What does he mean by "bullshit".

The judgements and stories that our ego creates. For example:

"I need x to be happy and free".
"When I learn X I'll be ready to launch my business."
"That person just doesn't understand me- they don't get it".

It's a humbling path to seek out and truly inspect one's own bullshit- the delusion, judgements the limiting beliefs.

Getting triggered by someone or something offers a grand opportunity to inspect these stories, and move towards waking up to the bullshit.


[Here are some basic Triggawakening Rules:]

1. If you get triggered, it's you- you have bullshit to work on

2. If you are creating a polarity, a spectrum of good and...

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Be Wild & Thriving: Break free from the Culture Traps that keep you enslaved

Mar 09, 2020




This is what defines a thriving living system.

These are the codes from life embodied by the Earth and all that is wild expressed thru every living system.

You are a living system. Therefore these potentialities are NOT outside, not separate to you.

They are seeds planted in the fertile soil of your BEING.

Remember them. Let them crack open. Let what unfolds out there to be organic mulch for the sprouting of these seedlings bursting from your wild heart.

Modern culture is based upon the false premise of the separate self.... the wound deepened thru the industrial revolution and colonialism and the collective brainwashing that mechanised what can only be organic...

And legitimised claiming and rape of lands and people.... based on survival imperatives...

The modern downstream effects are the viruses of domestication and convenience.

Domestication = denaturing & weakness.

Consumerism & Convenience = Death.

Yet... All is ONE.


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Thrivability- Raising the Bar on what is possible

Mar 08, 2020

There is an obsession with sustainability at present. But "sustainable" sets a pretty low bar to aim for.

Maintaining some kind of equilibrium or status quo is the thing we do once a system, organisation or human has transcended the chaos of survival.

Once sustenance is achieved, resilience can be built-in. This robustness ensures that a slip down to survival is less likely to happen. 

But sustainable and resilience are not the end destinations. This is not the wild potentiality encoded within life.

Thriving is. 

"Thrivability" is a way of being we have the potential to actualise, in ourselves, our communities, organisations and systems.

A thriving person or system is anti-fragile, adaptive & regenerative. 

Being thrivable means you get stronger through stress,  explore edges of comfortability, quickly adapt to ever-changing conditions.

As a result of this way of being unique creative solutions are likely to regeneratively emerge as the unfolding of life...

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The Change-Makers Paradox- Being the change instead of talking about it

Mar 01, 2020

Never before has humanity had such awareness of our power to destroy life.

Never before have we had the technology and networks that can spread ideas (or raise funds) in seconds.

This combination means that never before has there been so much captivating external stimuli to get our attention and spark action. 

The “change-makers paradox” is when the urgency to solve massive global challenges compromises the inner work that represents the optimal pathway to solve the massive, complex, systemic global challenges.

I've been in rooms full of "purpose-driven entrepreneurs" but sometimes it feels like "purpose" has become clichè... or a pathway to more $ or branding that hits the zeitgeist.

My theory is that external change-making that does not naturally emerge from ongoing and deep inner work is harmful to the whole.... like all fake shit is.

This harm may not be immediately apparent, but in time it will lead to the perpetuation of the same mind-borne bullshit...

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The Art of Sitting in Pure Awareness

Feb 28, 2020

You can book a call here. It's a simple and humble practice, the one of being present to what is.

It starts with listening, and seeing what unfolds in each and every moment with the fresh eyes of a newborn baby.

Soon we have entered a temple of infinite possibility and connection with all life.

We become the essence of our beingness, which is pure consciousness.

We perceive that our egos are instruments of lack and scarcity that speak only the languages of attack and defence, judgment and blame, not enough and fear.

But we learn that in coming into presence is to come into awareness of our egos...

...and thus we can dis-identify with them, and sit on the throne of pure awareness.

Upon this seat we witness the ego play out and see that we are not it...

If we are not it, what are we? We are that, that witnesses it.

We are the timeless, the formless, the unborn pure awareness that is beyond the mind... the tao, the source, the infinite.

By remembering we are that and not "this...

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Actioning the Neuroscience of Flow states

Feb 22, 2014

If science-savvy aliens came to Earth and looked into why these strange hairless monkeys were anxious most the time but became grinning idiots whenever they were surfing waves, sliding down mountains, playing musical instruments... and they analysed what was going on in our heads, their report would mention this:

"Brain waves shift frequency from beta to the alpha-theta zone, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is suppressed and basal ganglia fires up, resulting in diminishment of self-consciousness and increase in immersion and ecstasy."

Maybe, just maybe, they would call it flow.

This article looks at the neuroscience of flow states, so we can better understand what happens in our brains, and take action to come into flow more often. 


We have 5 main brainwaves which each correlate to a different state of consciousness. These are each labelled according to the Greek alphabet which confusingly, is not in the same order as ours. In ascending order of slow to...

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