Be Wild & Thriving: Break free from the Culture Traps that keep you enslaved




This is what defines a thriving living system.

These are the codes from life embodied by the Earth and all that is wild expressed thru every living system.

You are a living system. Therefore these potentialities are NOT outside, not separate to you.

They are seeds planted in the fertile soil of your BEING.

Remember them. Let them crack open. Let what unfolds out there to be organic mulch for the sprouting of these seedlings bursting from your wild heart.

Modern culture is based upon the false premise of the separate self.... the wound deepened thru the industrial revolution and colonialism and the collective brainwashing that mechanised what can only be organic...

And legitimised claiming and rape of lands and people.... based on survival imperatives...

The modern downstream effects are the viruses of domestication and convenience.

Domestication = denaturing & weakness.

Consumerism & Convenience = Death.

Yet... All is ONE.

The key to activating natural thrivability is first to build the awareness & perceptive abilities to see the culture traps of separation from our Earth mother, and how we have bought into them, consciously and unconsciously.

Be brutally honest about whether convenience is a running program that shapes your life.

Only from this honesty can we choose to diverge from the cultural path to annihilation through standing up for a new (yet ancient & primordial) way to exist.

To rebel is to remember and activate innate wild wisdom and to thrive as a rainforest thrives.

The seed contains this innate wisdom:

1. Anti-fragility: We learn to get stronger and wiser by choosing to take on more risk. Uncertainty becomes potentiality.

2. Adaptiveness: We adapt to the changing seasons and ebbing tides of life. We re-invent and re-define ourselves as agility and shapeshifting becomes part of our magic.

3. Regenerativity: We give as water gives life, fire gives warmth, wind gives fresh air and earth gives food and medicines. As we connect with source we live in reciprocity: Giving and receiving become offerings of love.

Our ability to thrive as wild humans is experienced as an expanding flourishing that re-kindles a profound sense of sacredness and awe.

This is the way. Be Wild & Thriving. 🙏🏾🦅

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