There is a Law of Physics, called The Constructal Law that I see as an alternative way to understand the Law of Attraction. 

This law states that there is a universal evolutionary tendency toward design in nature, because everything is composed of systems that change and evolve to flow more easily. 

This is what I feel it really means in my life.

Can I release?

For inner (and world) peace

The fight for control

That through struggle won't cease


“I should. I better.”

“I need to. I must”, 

As a dog chases tail

I’ll hustle ’til I'm dust


Theres a trap- can you see?

Around what yearns to just be,

The very thing I protect

Wants to be free


Release it, allow it, 

accept it and flow

Are these just more words,

or are they natures wisdom to grow?


I can live it and feel

That I can abandon the run

I'm nature not robot 

I'm powered by the sun


Life has a rhythm

Be still, watch and listen

Given freedom it evolves

Whatever exists is a flow system


The rivers, mountains, 

tectonic plates and the ocean

My blood, your money, 

Its all nature, all motion


I must decide my direction

Is love or fear my inflection?

Am I nature or machine?

To what is my connection?