Modern culture has a real obsession with "being on track", or "things falling into place"... a glorification of linear progression towards some ideal.

But are things really supposed to "be in order"? Whats wrong with a bit of chaos, not knowing and just seeing what happens?

Human culture contains so many arbitrary boundaries.

But nature is emergent and fluid. 
Human ego seeks control. Nature trusts.

Over the past few years, Ive let go many times.. until the fears kick in, and I grip on again.

Over the past month I've allowed a new burst of letting go to unfold. Ive relinquished the need to know, dictate and create my future... and cut much away that felt incongruent with a life in flow.

Awesome things are happening in the space this creates. There is a new form of expression bubbling up, that comes from natural emergence and has nothing to do with planning.

And I feel unweighted by expectations, free as a bird.

I welcome the fears and pain of growth that will naturally emerge :) This feels like living.