Hey! This is my end of year wrap-up, and its a rambling doozy, best read with coffee or wine. 

So just to set the scene, I'm sat at my friend Ben's apartment, with views out to Sydney harbour. I can see the ferry coming slowly into Manly. 

Ive set the timer on my binaural beats app for 30 minutes, and Im using an app called "Flowstate" which deletes my words after 3 seconds of not typing. 

 I thought it would be fun to leave this unedited.

Im combining both the pomodoro method and flow state wisdom to write this email. Why? 

Because I spent the last 30 minutes (including most of morning meditation) ruminating on what to write about. 

I have so much to say… I've just returned from a 2 week  adventure with my brother… awesome stuff is just pouring out of my heart and head. 

And then its the end of the year…. and that always draws my mind to reflection mode. And its been (please excuse my Aussie) a FARKING massive year mate. So many thoughts and ideas... and I dont have all day.

So, I decided that the only way to write this email was in a pure flow state. No time to think, only time to channel from my consciousness through my fingers and onto this page. 

I wanted to start by saying with deep gratitude in my heart: THANK YOU.. Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring. Thanks for supporting. Thanks for stumbling across my work and ramblings, and caring enough to read this far down. 


Ok I had to write all those i's you see above because this "Flowstate" writing app is so brutal when I paused to think, it starting fading out the screen and deleting my words. Aaaargh.. Ok lets get into it before it deletes the rest.

What I learned in 2016:

1. Ceremony is powerful… 

Being raised by a Jehovah's witness Mum who basically banned me from all kinds of ceremonious fun as a child, I guess I never absorbed the power and value of ceremony as a child. 

Until I co-created one with my wife Maria, for our wedding in Bali. 

It really blew me away. I have the fondest memories of watching Maria plan the wedding, and agonising over the smallest details, which all came together so beautifully. 

 I felt so much love from all those who came to celebrate with us. I had a strong connection with how ceremonies have fit into the human narrative.

 When you consider the blip of time our lives represent, and how if we are not conscious, our days blend into months into years and before we know it decades go by…. and we die.

So we have ceremonies to honour life and its beautiful transitions. To stop time. 
To remind us: "This is precious. Life is beautiful. It is people, and love and gathering together that makes it so." 

The Balinese, who I lived amongst for much of this year, attend around 20-40 ceremonies every year. On most weekends, we would witness whole villages dressed in their most ornate outfits, making their way to temple to honour a coming of age, a marriage, birth, death or even a new business. 

I love that about Bali. 

So I will always remember 2016 as the year in which the power of ceremonies took root in my soul.  And for the rest of this incarnation, I will partake in healing and growth ceremonies several times a year. :)

2. Fractal enlightenment 

2016 is the year I became a tiny bit obsessed with fractals and patterns in nature. 

If you don't know what Im talking about (see image below), fractals are self repeating patterns. I find it so fascinating that there even is a design pattern in nature, and to me natural patterns of flow, fractals and sacred geometry fill the void between blind faith and hopeless nihilism. 

Untitled design (1).png

Fractals are not just about pretty patterns. That's the cool thing about fractals. 

They suck you in because they look pretty. But then, if you are attentive, you see more.  

I found myself on the beach, picking up chunks of coral and staring at the hexagonal patterns within, my mind sucked into a vortex of infinite imaginings…. and then soon after I'll be gazing up to see branching patterns in a tree that reminded me of a river delta I once saw from  airplane window…. which reminded me of images I have seen of lungs… which remind me of how our arterial system distributes blood around our body…. which reminds me of the patterns I see in leaves….which reminded me of lighting forks flashing in the night sky…… and so on to infinity.

Fractals are a wonderful rabbit hole to leap into, to gain a deeper awareness of nature, but I also find that useful as a philosophical metaphor for life. 
Allow me to explain. 

It is my opinion that every single moment is a fractal. Every moment is a microcosm of the macrocosm of our life. 


Ok, Im back. If you can perceive that a fundamental aspect of nature is patterns and that these patterns self-repeat, to give us what we call fractals, and you consider that you and I are nature…. 

It makes sense to me that it is the fractal microcosm of each and every moment of our lives that combines to create the macrocosmic tapestry of our entire life. 


Bear with me as this is deep down the rabbit hole. Our total life is a series of present moments. Now, then now, now again…now, now now now now now now now now now nownownow………. to the end (which is just the beginning). haha!

Each of these present moments has a quality. 

What is it that determines the quality of these present moments? 

Is it the weather? Is it the sound of the builders drill next door, or the fact you are hungry? Or is it actually your state of mind? Your attitude. The vibe which you emanate?

I think you know the answer. (more about how to apply fractal wisdom below)

3. The power of Choice. 

I read "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl as  teenager. If you have not yet read it, please as a Christmas gift to me, read it and then send me an email with your thoughts on it. It's a classic. Viktor Frankl was in a concentration camp in WW2, doing hard labour, burying his relatives in mass graves... existing. barely.  

Which makes him an authority on "doing it tough"

This was the book that first introduced me to the idea of what true freedom is: "the power to choose my attitude in any given set of circumstances."    

Now when you consider the fractal aspect of the universe, and the fact that we as conscious beings have the ability to choose our attitude, what you have is something quite remarkable. 

We have the power to choose our pattern. We have the choice to decide what electro magnetic frequency we put out into the universe. 

In each moment of your life, you are sending out a signal, a pattern. You get to choose if its a beautiful pattern or an ugly one, whether it reflects abundance and love or scarcity and fear.

The more you choose a beautiful one, the more beautiful your life will be. The more you choose abundance... the more abundant your life becomes.

4. New years resolutions

Be wary of these things. Why? 

Because they can come from a place of scarcity. When we say stuff like "I'm going to lose 5kg and get way better at surfing, and Im going to launch that business next year" there is a real focus on what you have NOT done and NOT achieved. 

This draws the mind into the territory of lack, rather than abundance. 

This is a very typical theme of our modern culture, and one that marketers gleefully capitalise on. But why the hell would we use the same tactics as cash focused marketers on ourselves? 

Now I not saying there is anything inherently wrong with New Years resolutions, as they are really just goals dressed up in some grandiose, end of year uniform. 

Goals are not bad. Obsession with goals is unhealthy. My point is that goal obsession takes our mind away from what we already are and what we already have. 

I see so many people and I catch myself all the time…. giving off the vibe that things are not good enough. 

For fcks sake people. It is time to re-write the narrative on this one. 

LIFE IS AWESOME. We somehow exist in this infinite universe, and inhabit a planet that spins at just the right speed to keep our feet on the ground, but without squashing us, but still allowing us to jump, and all this happens at just the right distance away from a huge sun that powers us, without freezing or frying us.

On top of that sheer amazingness, we have ridiculously awesome stuff like tropical fruit, mountains, surfing, cuddles, books, flowers, trees, art, beaches, didgeridoos, banana bread… beer, wine, Bob Marley, psychedelics, treehouses, wisdom traditions, genius, science etc etc etc . 

We have bodies that can run, jump,hurdle, dance, hug, shag, swim etc. 

We have minds that can remember, visualise and imagine utterly new creations. We can express, we can feel, we can think. 

We human beings easily forget where we have come from, our ancestry.

Over a period of millions of years simple life has evolved and adapted, and from single cell organisms, a process of natural flow has resulted us and all the other magnificent creatures and plants that co-inhabit this planet hurtling through space. 


Either way, all of this is truly miraculous and certainly worth celebrating!

But as a counterbalance to all this awesomeness,  we have the mind made concept: "It is not enough. I am not enough". 

And this is where we have the choice. 

We have the power, to use our minds, to put this miraculous cerebral technology to its greatest use. 

And believe me, collectively, this is the greatest use of the mind, for us all to choose the attitude, our mindset, the frequency at which we emanate vibrations from within: this is our greatest power, and it requires each of us, individually to reclaim this power and say: 


For when enough of us step into our power we have evolved to have, 
everything changes. 

There is a critical mass that will be reached, when so many of conscious humans are taking responsibility for the power they have to choose their attitude… because this shit is contagious, and it catches fast. 

And it is only when critical mass is hit and this way of living has its own momentum will all the changes we all want to see in the world manifest (not I might add because he/ she/ them got elected or didn't, because the election of he/she/them is merely a REFLECTION of the level of collective consciousness in a certain group). 

So remember the fractals. We all have the power to choose. This is what our minds are for. We are all fractals. The combined flavour or frequency of our accumulative choice is what creates our collective consciousness. 

This is the overall pattern that the combination of fractals creates: the macrocosm. 

So…. what does this all mean? Lets bring this down to ground level. 

It means a lot. 

Love yourself and respect yourself because you are magnificent. 

You are truly mesmerising in your complexity and sophistication as a living being.  Appreciate your journey through life, as layers of experience, healing, growing create new wisdom. 

Choose your perspective. Remember that reality is subjective, meaning that there is no fixed reality. 

This means the story you tell yourself is contrived by your own mind. So make it a wonderful one. Be your biggest fan. Be kind to yourself. 

Put down the mask. Vulnerability is power. Shine brightly, be real. Speak your truth. Be impeccable with your word and deed. 
Explore what intrigues you. Do it with the curiosity of a child. Smile from the inside out.

 Spend time in nature.  Understand that you ARE nature.

Love each other. As we are all magnificent, magical beings. 

Take responsibility for change. The macrocosmic change is a result of microcosmic change within. As someone wiser than me said: "Be the change". 

And as for those new years resolutions….  replace them with habits that serve your highest goals. 

Reflect on the year that has gone by. Do this alone. Take music and go sit under a tree with a notebook.  

Some people might tell you to think about your top ten highlights, but in my experience its not about cool stuff you did.

 Its about what you felt and how you expanded. 

So ask yourself: "In this year, what have I learned? 
 In what ways have I grown?
 For what am I grateful in my life in this present moment?
What abundance do I have in my life?

Then when you have reflected on this for a while, and only then, is it time to look ahead to 2017, when your heart is full of appreciation, when you are fully zoned in on what overflows in your life… only then is it wise to turn your powerful consciousness onto what you wish to manifest into your life in 2017. 

For me, just writing this email has been cathartic and healing.  It has helped me reflect on all I have in my life. 

Tears roll down my face, not of sadness but of something else I can not articulate. I think they are tears of appreciation (or my face has a leak). Something has cracked upon that little bit more in expressing this. I think Im just soaking in gratitude. 

After all, I'm sitting in a friends beautiful apartment which he has gifted us for the time being, about to walk into Manly to meet my wife, who I love so dearly.  The last 2 weeks I have been with my brother, and we have road-tripped around camping, exploring, growing, connecting, supporting each other like only brothers can. 

We have met amazing people, we have nourished ourselves and cleaned ourselves from the inside out. We have sat in scared ceremony, we have connected with the land. We have learned new breathing and movement practices and meditated under 300 year old trees. 

And now, a moment of stillness, a few days of rest, before Maria and I head north on a quest to find our next community and our next home. 

There have been challenging times, and I have felt raw vulnerability, scared, alone.... but even in those times of struggle I draw strength and feel into the abundance of life. Even the ability to feel pain is a miracle. 

On the business side of things, I can feel a big year coming along, as I allow to emerge new shoots of purpose and experience levels of clarity that have eluded me for months. 

Early next year I'll be re-setting the Flowstate Collective mission, and focusing on creating flow experiences, so more people can explore flow from the inside out, through meditation, movement and medicine of all kinds. in a nutshell, I want to help people experience the experiences I have had that have been most powerful in my metamorphosis from fearful, scarcity obsessed corporate cog, to whatever it is now I am.

I'll be co-launching a program to help a certain kind of person launch and grow new businesses, because I feel very strongly in the power of business with clear intention to create ripples like shockwaves through our world. 

After all, a business is just a collection of humans with a shared intent. If that intent is charged with the highest intentions to be of service to people and planet, we multiply the power of individual intent exponentially

So I intent to be part of creating that exponential shockwave of compassionate and powerful intent for the greater good. 

Well, my 30 minutes is up on this app… and its been a rollercoaster. Thanks for sticking with me. 

Let's all collectively manifest a 2017 of the highest order, let us all deeply appreciate the wonder of life and our powers as conscious creators to create the mindset and take the action required to emanate this wonder. 

With love, Your brother, Jiro

ps. Look at this tree in the picture below this email. This tree does not compare itself to other trees, or complain about the circumstance it finds itself in. It does not have an ego, or the ability to judge, so instead it expresses its life force, and against all the odds, becomes a magnificent tree. RESPECT