Life is Good - we must feel this to thrive

philosophy Apr 06, 2020

Fellow human beings... are we keeping them vibes real high?

Don't forget that this is the real battle. There is a war going on... and I'm not talking conspiracy theory stuff.

I'm talking the battle that goes on in the minds of every single human being that has ever existed... between fear and love.

And the real conspiracy is not a theory... it is the actual fact that in every given moment we have free choice.

But forces in us (and therefore around us) make it seem as though we don't have the free choice to choose our response and attitude and vibe in every moment.

The real conspiracy is that we get hoodwinked into forgetting the basic, intrinsic goodness of life.... the natural amazingness of being alive and experiencing our aliveness.

This grand conspiracy created by our own minds is played out as misery, ungratefulness, anxiety and all suffering caused by the weight of stories that block out the natural goodness of being alive.

What we yearn for... what we actually want... is the simple remembrance of the basic goodness of life. This is nectar for our souls.




In these times of increased fear it is vital we remember this truth.

Why is it inherently good?

The sun rises to warm us and give us free energy. The air and water the Earth creates is free and abundant.

Our biology is somehow attuned to appreciate beauty.

The song of the birds is music to our ears.

The feeling of a shower, the Earth under our bare feet, the wind caressing our skin... the sip of warm tea, the sound of a child's laughter... feels good.

To rest and do nothing feels intrinsically good.

This goodness does not even depend on accomplishments, possessions or information. They are just part of the deal of being alive.

Let us appreciate the basic goodness of being alive.

When we do, something magical happens.

We awaken to our basic goodness within...which allows us to make love, create art and give our offerings to society and the Earth.

The simple noticing of this basic goodness encoded in life, the thrivingness that is life... enables us to naturally heal ourselves and lift our spirits.

This is more than an arbitrary idea... or some mystical concept.

Stop and take it in.

Life is good because we can experience its goodness.... we have a connection to reality that can make us feel fundamentally good.

The cheeky playfulness that bubbles up naturally from presence is a language of this natural goodness!

And now... we live in challenging times.. times that challenge our ability to stay aware of this goodness of life.

The quarantine or social distancing can isolate us and turn our attention to what we lack. Our minds create stories in the mind that divide us, and allow the experience of goodness to leak away.

The media is set up in a way that it profits from attacking the perception of this basic goodness of life... because raising awareness of goodness doesn't sell as the parts of us that already know life is good do NOT need to buy... and the parts of us that doubt inherent goodness of life want to grab onto badness

Crises and suffering provide the greatest challenges of our remembrance that life is good.

They provide the initiations and proving grounds for our Warrior spirit to rise up!

The essence of warriorship is not aggression.. it is the courageous refusal to give up on what we believe is good. 

To be a warrior of the heart... a warrior of the Earth... a warrior standing up for life... we must never give in to the fears of the world... feel them for sure... but never give into them...

...because if we give into them we turn inward and become self-serving, we go into survival... and we forget the basic goodness of life, and therefore we can not be warrior of life.

This is an ancient story told in legends around the world:

To contribute to the world we have to make a personal journey...


...and this journey need not be some dramatic heroes journey to the Himalaya's.

It must begin at home... with the simple appreciation of the splendours of the mundane and the appreciation of the inherent, intrinsic benevolence of life. It begins most humbly with the perception of all that is good in our lives.

Let us remember this in these times where the delusion of non-goodness threatens to darken our lights.

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