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shambhala warrior Sep 11, 2020

Much has changed in the human story in the last few hundred years. Yet, here we are in 2020, and the same systems of oppression and greed plunder the Earth.

The same cultural lies cut people off from nature and the sacred. Boys dressed as men run companies and countries.

The awesome feminine powers of creation are dishonored in a million ways. We are living in initiatory times.

Wild-fires, pandemics, and ecological disasters are the symptoms.

So many ancient prophecies foretold these symptoms and articulated the cause: separation from the Earth and ourselves…. the great forgetting that we are one.

Now, as fear threatens to isolate and increase the disconnect, it is not time to play small and fall into the traps of fear: Now is the time to rise up as warriors of the heart, to rebel against this culture and stand up for what we know is true.

Not long after the fires went out in Australia, I went on a pilgrimage with 6 brothers to walk the scorched lands. We listened to the Earth.

The wind blew away our thoughts, the land rebirthing under our bare feet awoke our senses. We waded naked through rivers as eagles soared overhead, hunted, gathered, and warmed ourselves by fires we created the old way.

A sense of sovereignty and power surged through my being as I walked in the footsteps of our ancestors. From the edges, we looked back at our culture. We took in the chaotic times and the global crises plunging humanity deeper into separation. We shared our experiences of being a man born into a culture that plunders the Earth and dishonors all that is sacred.

It felt soul-nourishing to be with my brothers, held in the loving arms of our Earth mother. I knew this feeling so well. It rekindled memories stored in my bones. I felt sovereign, free and powerful.

This feeling felt like my birthright. I remembered why the ancient ones always honored sacred men's business and sacred women’s business.

I understood why my soul had guided me to deep work with men through rites of passage, vision quests, and initiation based transformation work.

For men to be with men, and women to be with women creates the space for a very unique type of remembrance that cuts beneath cultural concepts of what it is to be man or woman.

This deep time with men helped me remember my responsibility and rekindle my power. I felt a stirring deep within... one of those calls that can not be ignored. The call was to stand up and lead... to help brothers remember that to be an awakened man is to live with integrity.... hold reverence for the feminine.... to explore frontiers and penetrate through the obstacles of the mind.... And live in truth.

When I got back home, I found my relationships evolving. I saw my wife with new eyes and felt her feminine power through my tenderized heart. My relationship with the Earth and many women in my life blossom into a new level of reverence and respect. I felt new power surging through my being: the power of love.

The tectonic plates within have shifted deep within as I initiated myself into a new level of awareness and a new stage of manhood.

And it dawned on me, that this is the shift required in men of our culture…. For humanity to rise from the ashes and bring forth a new way, it is this raw opening of the hearts of men that must happen.

The women are waiting. The Earth is asking.

When I look around I see too many men stuck in the old stories of manhood, uninitiated boys unable to access the regenerative powers of the heart.... unable to crack open to truth.

I see many who are waking up but remain stuck in paralysis… gaining wisdom but still unable to take action to walk a new path.

Commitment is 1 or 0. There is no such thing as “half-committed”.

Anything less than 100% is 0%. To “be a man” in the oldest sense of the term is to commit with totality... with radical courage... to face fear and transcend it, in service to something greater than oneself.... in service to all creation.

And that’s why I made the decision to create SHAMBHALA WARRIOR.

It is a brotherhood and transformation journey for men that will inspire, teach, and challenge them to shed skin and express the truth of the heart.

It draws inspiration from an ancient prophecy from Tibet, which foretold of these times we are in: times of crisis, fear and deepening division.

The prophecy of the Shambhala Warrior speaks of a time where the world was teetering on the brink of destruction. In these times of increasing fear and division, the Shambhala Warrior would rise up and wield the twin weapons of compassion and insight into the interconnectivity of all life.

The Shambhala Warriors would stand up against the fear and separation of the world and lead so powerfully that an enlightened society would be birthed on Earth.

I’ve been in training my whole life (and probably a few before). A decade deep undercover in the old system and the past 7 years as a spiritual guide to men who are leaders, CEOs and founders of companies.

I’ve been training them to be Shambhala Warriors. I have witnessed their hearts open and their businesses shift in ways that send monumental ripples of change to millions of people.

The awakenings of these men has confirmed that the ripple effect of an individual cracked open heart is profoundly transformative in an interconnected world. Now is the time for me to train more warriors.

There are 2 criteria to apply for a place: 1. You are a man committed to truth 2. You are ready to build and grow a business or creative offering that channels your truth If you meet these criteria- reach out.

With love, Jiro


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