The Art of Sitting in Pure Awareness

You can book a call here. It's a simple and humble practice, the one of being present to what is.

It starts with listening, and seeing what unfolds in each and every moment with the fresh eyes of a newborn baby.

Soon we have entered a temple of infinite possibility and connection with all life.

We become the essence of our beingness, which is pure consciousness.

We perceive that our egos are instruments of lack and scarcity that speak only the languages of attack and defence, judgment and blame, not enough and fear.

But we learn that in coming into presence is to come into awareness of our egos...

...and thus we can dis-identify with them, and sit on the throne of pure awareness.

Upon this seat we witness the ego play out and see that we are not it...

If we are not it, what are we? We are that, that witnesses it.

We are the timeless, the formless, the unborn pure awareness that is beyond the mind... the tao, the source, the infinite.

By remembering we are that and not "this person", we "meet ourselves in the is-ness of life".

We awaken to the truth. From that place, we are creator beings.

We can now apply our powerful minds to manifest and create that which we choose... which is always that which life chooses, that which consciousness itself chooses....

which is love.


Want help developing a meditation practice and the art of self-enquiry? If you are a brother on the path of inner transformation, I would be honoured to help you along. You can book a call here. 


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