The Change-Makers Paradox- Being the change instead of talking about it

change-making paradox Mar 01, 2020

Never before has humanity had such awareness of our power to destroy life.

Never before have we had the technology and networks that can spread ideas (or raise funds) in seconds.

This combination means that never before has there been so much captivating external stimuli to get our attention and spark action. 

The “change-makers paradox” is when the urgency to solve massive global challenges compromises the inner work that represents the optimal pathway to solve the massive, complex, systemic global challenges. 

I've been in rooms full of "purpose-driven entrepreneurs" but sometimes it feels like "purpose" has become clichè... or a pathway to more $ or branding that hits the zeitgeist.

My theory is that external change-making that does not naturally emerge from ongoing and deep inner work is harmful to the whole.... like all fake shit is.

This harm may not be immediately apparent, but in time it will lead to the perpetuation of the same mind-borne bullshit and avoidance of truth which causes the problems we are trying to solve....

Because the external is a reflection of the collective inner psyche.

What's potentially even more dangerous is that by fooling ourselves and others that we are making a difference to the external sphere, we virtue signal our way into delusion..

...we actually convince ourselves we are doing all we can do… when the real work is always deepening and always leads within before expanding outwards.

I believe that when the hyper-focus on changing the world and contributing to the betterment of humanity comes at the opportunity cost of serious consciousness exploration and self-awareness practice, we are entering super dangerous territory.

In these days of complexity and extremes, we must learn to contribute to both…. To deepen our roots whilst we extend the branches of our contribution. 

Some people think its fluffy and ridiculous the idea that a meditation practice can help us contribute to the the world.

I couldn't disagree more. From where are coming from when we step up into leadership?

If it isn't from the fertile soil of a grief-stricken heart, from a humbled mind, from a soul that has seen through the delusion of ego.... then where is it coming from? the same place that causes the problems in the first place.

My hope and my mission is to ensure that change-makers are reminded and taught how to always ground into the inner dimensions, and master the contemplative practices of developing self-awareness.

Through these many practices, we learn about our own shit- the trauma, repression, mind-made stories, fear-based narratives that combine to create the shadows of our personality, and shape our thoughts and drive our behaviour….

And through this deep and ongoing self-enquiry, we can arrive at a place of expanded inner KNOWING, GNOSIS & LOVE… and become the leaders we've been waiting for.

...and then... we can truly contribute to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

For change to occur we must be the change. 

*If you are a man on the path of self-transformation and you want help to become that change, you are welcome to book a call with me. 


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