The ancient and sacred texts of Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and the Veda contain some of the best ideas around the question:  “How do we live our best lives?” But in an increasingly skeptical and atheistic 1st world culture, the message is not always palatable. Indeed, many people find any message wrapped in the robes of religion to be truly repellant.

Modern science speaks in the language of the times for many, and when science confirms what robed monks have been saying for thousands of years,  I think its worth listening to.

This is why Flow state research is so compelling at this moment in time. Through decades of research, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and other scholars of modern day psychology and sociology, have discovered that human peak experience arises from coming into the same focused, subconscious state that Yoga and Buddhist pioneers thousands of years ago discovered. It is the quality of mindful attention- combined with a few other key ingredients-that can elevate a human into the mystical realms of “the zone”, where time slows down, the thinking mind shuts down and performance leaps.

 Countless scientific studies have proven beyond doubt that humans performing a complex task (any complex task- turning on a wave, playing chess, ice-skating, archery, double backflips on a snowboard) can vastly improve performance levels by attaining a state of mind called Flow. In this state, the separation between deed and doer evaporates, sense of time changes, there is no conscious thought, there is total immersion in the act, the quality of attention is absolute. In Yoga/Buddhist/Taoist terms, the ego is silenced, and the higher self is pulling the strings. 

Experiential Learning and self-transformation

So we have the Buddhist monks, Yogi’s and many other wise fellows telling us that it is our quality of mindful attention, our engagement with the present moment that is the gateway to optimal living... and now modern psychologists, and neuroscientists rather late to the party, are doing the same.  The final layer of certainty can only come from personal experience. Its one thing to hear wisdom, but living it sears it into our consciousness.

 This is where Flowstate Adventure operates, at the intersection of eastern philosophy, modern psychology and action. Flowstate Adventure retreats are about exploring the question of how we can live to our full potential- how we can live our boldest, liberated, unlimited life. "Flow states" and adventure sports go hand in hand. The requirement for skill and single-mindedness to excel in these sports, makes them a fertile ground for experimenting with flow and meditation through movement. Our own experiences surfing, skiing and snowboarding has backed up all this wisdom. We have experienced flow when surfing a wave, or shredding on a snowboard, and we have experienced meditative calm in the eye of the storm. (thats why we are addicted to the joyous pursuit of sliding along things!)

This is our invite to YOU.  Come learn some fascinating content, explore your mind, challenge your body…then lets go play, have an adventure,  and see if it makes sense in YOUR experience.