Hello beautiful human::

This email will help you have a more amazing life. 

Sometimes we get paralysed by all the choice. 

It can be like walking into a party with 3 different types of music playing. 
Mind Chaos.  

But having the feeling of fearless abundance need not be complicated. 

Just go look at a tree, with all that life sprouting out of it. Does that tree look all anxious and stressy? No, he/she is straight chillin'.

So I'm going to lay down a simple beat. 

The simplest path to having an awesome life: Just BE Amazing.

I know what you are thinking. HOW!? But, you don't know what I'm facing, I have all my crap and my job, and my life and I can't... 

Ok, hold your horses. Hear me out. If you can accept everything is energy, life becomes simple to flow with. 

When you go to the supermarket, you put down the sad limp broccoli and pick up the bouncy vibrant broccoli. That one has more energy in it. 

You are like the broccoli, and can either have depleted energy or a lot of energy.  

So, do everything in your power to increase your energy.  

This means eliminating anything that lessens your energy and pumping up what increases your energy. 

Step 1: What drains you? Eliminate.

The voice in your head that says you are not enough. Eliminate. Create a new voice that says your  POWER is INFINITE. 

Remind yourself of this constantly. 

The people and media who drain you. Eliminate. Cut them/ it all out. 

[If its family or if you feel called a help these people because of a feeling in your heart,don't cut them out. Create a temporary buffer and when your energy is HIGH, go shine bright on them.]

Step 2: What what makes you feel alive? Do more of this stuff. 

Don't do this by half. Don't step trepadaciously into this swimming pool of awesomeness, careful not to get your hair wet. 

Do a bomb, or a belly flop with a smile on your face, or a swan dive McTwist. Something glorious. 

Go on a fcking rampage to build up your positive energy. This is not metaphorical or mystical. I'm not talking some weird ju ju energy. Im saying, do what makes you feel energetic, high vibes.

Move yo ass!  Go for that run, go surfing, dancing, singing, hug a baby. Ride your scooter through rice paddies at 1am listening to DJ Tiesto, if it makes you happy. (Guilty)

Eat clean- smash some green juices, cut the crap. Try fasting (it gave me mad amounts of energy).

Think clean- visualise, say a positive mantra. I start every single day talking to myself: "I love you/ Im sorry/ Please forgive me/ Thank You" x 1000. 

It sure beats an alarm clock, checking the iphone for emails from your boss, and hating your day before its begun. 

If I am not focused on what I am doing, then my mind is either visualising something I wish to create, or it is telling myself how awesome I am. 

You can train your mind to do the same very quickly. If you don't have a mental habit to fall back on, guess what happens. The voice of doubt gets some airtime. Thats the voice you can train to eliminate using mantra/ affirmation... statements of POWER.

Step 3:
Meditate 3 times a day. (For 1st timers, and those wanting pure simplicity.. go to 1 Giant Mind- it's a free app, and so clean, simple, well produced.) 

Hot tip. Meditation is single most powerful practice any human can do. Thats why I do 2 or 3 times a day. 

Step 4: 
Say yes as much as possible. Yes?

Stop saying NO. Yes? "No" is such a buzz kill. Come up with a better way.

Give what you can often. To strangers. It can just be as simple as a smile.

Do all this and your energy levels can not do anything but go up. Do this for a solid week, and you will flying high.


All of those fears that held you back. The voice in your head. The nagging insecurity that keeps you locked and trapped. 

It is no longer there. That was a previous state of consciousness, linked to that previous level of energy. 

In this new level of energy, those fears have vanished like fog on a sunny day.  Goneski.

Reply if you have any questions, think this is a load of crap or want to engage me in dialogue on anything related to energy and awesomeness. 

Sending you the highest of high vibes. It's surf-time.