Thrivability- Raising the Bar on what is possible

There is an obsession with sustainability at present. But "sustainable" sets a pretty low bar to aim for.

Maintaining some kind of equilibrium or status quo is the thing we do once a system, organisation or human has transcended the chaos of survival.

Once sustenance is achieved, resilience can be built-in. This robustness ensures that a slip down to survival is less likely to happen. 

But sustainable and resilience are not the end destinations. This is not the wild potentiality encoded within life.

Thriving is. 

"Thrivability" is a way of being we have the potential to actualise, in ourselves, our communities, organisations and systems.

A thriving person or system is anti-fragile, adaptive & regenerative. 

Being thrivable means you get stronger through stress,  explore edges of comfortability, quickly adapt to ever-changing conditions.

As a result of this way of being unique creative solutions are likely to regeneratively emerge as the unfolding of life meets a Being or system that is primed for playful, curious, thrivability. 

The writer, Gary Horvitz suggests four principles of Thriving:

1. Thriving is the spiritual dimension of sustainability. What sustainability is to a material economy, thriving is to the spiritual economy. We intuitively know that it is not enough to birth a new world that provides the necessities of life without acknowledging and attending to the spiritual implications for each person in their own lives. To the extent that sustainability is about economics, then thriving is about each of us embodying (living our true nature) that new economy: becoming that new economy expresses not only our love of each other but manifests Love as the primary principle of being alive.

2. Thriving is the fire of spirit and the air of open heart-space. Sustainability evokes the esthetics of earth and water. Thriving is about the inception and integration of a divine fire that infuses all our actions with open-hearted possibility.

3. Thriving is the precarious edge of balance. If sustainability invokes balance, thriving challenges us as chaos challenges predictability, birthing an order where emergent complexity demands continuous innovation. Here, at an evolutionary edge, consciousness speaks nature into being, becoming the locus of adaptation and experimentation, the trial and error of organic vitality.

4. Thriving is the mythic dimension of sustainability, the meta-narrative of possibility. It is a reference to the continuous, spontaneous process of creating, modifying and re-forming the open architecture of diversity; where distributed networks of freely accessible information and self-organizing governance activate the free-flow of resources to meet real needs.


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So, ask yourself: 

- Am I in survival living? Am I sustaining my survival? Am I being merely resilient?

You have the potential for so much more- you have within you the wisdom to activate in innate power that brings you into harmony with nature. You have the potential to live as life flows- as pure potentiality, unfolding and building on life. 

Thriving is your birthright, and does require you to learn new information- you already have the codes, knowing and wisdom within you, as a wild part of nature. 

The path to unlocking this is un-domesticating yourself and freeing your mind from the cultural stories and traps that keep you separated from your wildness. 

This is the path I live and share with others. 

If you are a wisdom-seeking man on the humble path of self-transformation, and you sincerely wish to thrive, you can book a free call with me here. 


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