TRIGGAWAKENING - Awakening to your Own Bullshit through Awareness of your Triggers

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

"When you can smell your own bullshit it means you are not in it."

"The day you realise how full of shit you are you are least full of shit."

My friend Chris Knight shared these nuggets with me after I shared a recent story of waking up to some of my own egoic delusion... my own bullshit.

What does he mean by "bullshit".

The judgements and stories that our ego creates. For example:

"I need x to be happy and free".
"When I learn X I'll be ready to launch my business."
"That person just doesn't understand me- they don't get it".

It's a humbling path to seek out and truly inspect one's own bullshit- the delusion, judgements the limiting beliefs.

Getting triggered by someone or something offers a grand opportunity to inspect these stories, and move towards waking up to the bullshit.


[Here are some basic Triggawakening Rules:]

1. If you get triggered, it's you- you have bullshit to work on

2. If you are creating a polarity, a spectrum of good and bad, right or wrong, better or worse, it's you, you are in your bullshit

3. If your body tells you if you are triggered….uneasy sensations, a sense of ickiness or tension in your stomach/ heart... it's you, you are in your bullshit

4. If you breath goes shallow or jagged... you are in your bullshit

The body HAS to reflect the internal state you are in, which is why the body is the best barometer of truth.

When you have realised you are triggered, follow the thread like a keen-eyed detective, or like an unfortunate sniffer dog who's been trained to sniff bullshit.

What is the story beneath the trigger?
Is it true?
Can you know it's true?

What is the fear if this story is not true?

Who/ what are you if the story is not true?

Can you face the death of the identity that holds onto the story?

If so, you are awakening.

If not, you will be stuck in the delusion of that story until you feel more pain, and go through the process again.

Remember, some stories and identities are easy to let go of. But some are deep and core.

These ones require true courage and an initiatory process to let go of.

Because the loss of these identities reveals a genuine terror that you will be NOTHING without them.

When you and I are ready to finally accept that we indeed NOTHING....

....we awaken.

I go deeper into this in this video.

If you are a man on the humble path of self-transformation, and you are interested in looking at your triggers, you can book a free call with me here. 


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