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Trust in Nature to Build Confidence, Courage & Trust in Yourself

Apr 07, 2020

There are those few masters who can sit in the mystery of all that unfolds with the serenity of a Zen monk... or a Shambhala Warrior.

What I notice is that these rare ones have developed a relationship with nature. Not a "walk in the woods once a week" relationship.

This profoundly romantic and respectful relationship is nourished by 2-way dialogue and rituals of giving and receiving.

Those who have such a relationship with the Earth are able to revel in mystery... to feel a joyous, cheeky excitement at the unknowableness.

There is a humbling sense of awe. But also a trusting so deep that it allows for playfulness.

The trusting is that all unfolds with perfection... so the mind can unclench and let go, surrender to the flow.

This playful trust invites in curiosity.... so this type of peaceful warrior can observe with curious presence and appropriate preparedness the unfolding.

It also invites in courage... because when there is a feeling of love and belonging... there is natural...

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