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Life is Good - we must feel this to thrive

Apr 06, 2020

Fellow human beings... are we keeping them vibes real high?

Don't forget that this is the real battle. There is a war going on... and I'm not talking conspiracy theory stuff.

I'm talking the battle that goes on in the minds of every single human being that has ever existed... between fear and love.

And the real conspiracy is not a theory... it is the actual fact that in every given moment we have free choice.

But forces in us (and therefore around us) make it seem as though we don't have the free choice to choose our response and attitude and vibe in every moment.

The real conspiracy is that we get hoodwinked into forgetting the basic, intrinsic goodness of life.... the natural amazingness of being alive and experiencing our aliveness.

This grand conspiracy created by our own minds is played out as misery, ungratefulness, anxiety and all suffering caused by the weight of stories that block out the natural goodness of being alive.

What we yearn for... what we actually want... is the...

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