I help business founders grow their companies by growing themselves. 

My executive coaching clients are all business founders- some are at start-up stage, and others are venture backed tech founders or CEOs of listed companies.

The support I offer includes high performance coaching, leadership coaching, counsel on business strategy, company culture, capital raising and all aspects of business growth. 

I have helped my clients develop the confidence and clarity required to lead rapidly growing companies, and develop the growth mindset required to thrive under ever increasing complexity and pressure.

Over 12 years of working with founders, I have advised on every dimension of business, and helped my clients raise billions of dollars of capital, build high performing leadership teams, create inspiring company cultures, increase revenues and profits.... and become ever more centred, self-assured, calm and content.

The foundation of my work is in teaching a range of contemplative practices that result in an ever deepening awareness of Self and understanding of the mind.

The work is all about developing the capacity to shape optimal perspectives, and clearly see the mental blocks, fears and doubts that stand in the way of goals, dreams and visions. From this foundation we work on habits, communication, leadership skills, and a range of advanced visualisation and self-mastery practices that help expand visions beyond current horizons.

My art is in creating journeys that blend the rational and mystical, the scientific and spiritual.

I'm happy to say that my clients have achieved amazing results from our work together.

If you are founder/ business leader/ entrepreneur or CEO who senses there is more to life that remains untapped and unexplored... who has a sincere desire to search deep within and to explore the far edges of potential... it would be wonderful to connect.




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