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I feel very free, joyous, and powerful these days. But it wasn't always this way. I was born into a cult and escaped only to join another, called the "corporate world".

I spent many years crippled by addictions and anxiety. 

I left to go on the longest journey of them all: from my head to my heart.

Over the last decade, I have shared my wisdom with dozens of leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and change-makers and helped them transform their lives and build businesses infused with sacred intent.

If you are truly committed to breaking free from all that shackles you and living your most potent, expressive and impactful life, feel free to connect with me.

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I work privately with change-makers, CEOs, and business founders to help them become world-class leaders

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A Brotherhood of men who are committed to truth and integrity, and want the support to step up into service.

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I facilitate a range of transformational experiences in nature that include rites of passage, rewilding skills & sacred ceremony

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Adam Purvis,

CEO of FutureX

"Jiro is a force of nature. If personal mastery is what you seek, work with him."

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Advait Shinde,

CEO of GoGuardian

"Working with Jiro has been the single most important factor in my development as a founder and human."

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Cam Speck,

Co-Founder & President of Fitplan

"Jiro transformed my life and business by helping me see who I really am."



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