When you create space in your life to go deep into something you are curious about, and you do it with passion and commitment...

you emanate a power which creates a new external reality.
— Jiro Taylor

Snowboarding down mountains, surfing waves, meditating with monks in Japan, exploring forests, climbing trees, deal-making in the finance industry, partaking in ceremonies in jungles, dialoguing with friends, sitting in silence as the sun sets, entrepreneurial vision-questing... are all flow experiences for me.

Flow is the sublime state that connects me with the rhythms of nature & my infinite power. 

I curate my existence and practice with discipline, in pursuit of a life in flow.

Everything is connected by seemingly hidden forces. What connects the dots, and connects us all is what I dedicate my life to exploring and experiencing.

In my 20's I filled my mind with wisdom from Taoists, Buddhists and Yogi's and learned powerful embodiment and breathing techniques. In my 30s, I  explored the modern convergence point of science, and went deep into the neuroscience and psychology of peak experience and mind-body connection.

In 2012 I first read Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. 

This book gave me a framework through which to connect mystical experience, eastern philosophy and neuroscience with a knowing that there is a different way to live.

This was validation that the path to my most meaningful life spirals inward to my expanding consciousness and flow of energy. It also spirals outward, towards the emerging future and the natural expression of my growth.

The exploration of this path is now my raison d'être- my mission & destiny.

jiro flowstate

Whats my Flow practice?

Meditation is the cornerstone of my practice. For 16 years I have shaped my mind and brain using this powerful technique of connection and stillness.  

Nature is my greatest teacher. I love being in the ocean. I love climbing trees, snowboarding, sliding and going fast.

Movement is my practice- surfing, Qi Gong and occasionally yoga.

I love to hold my breath & free dive. 

I love exploring altered states, through all the above, but also through breath work, plant medicines, psychedelics, and flow.

Some of my other routes to flow include writing, surfing, snowboarding, climbing trees, doing podcasts, helping others and immersing in deep dialogue.

aaaaahhhh. FREEEEEEDOM!

aaaaahhhh. FREEEEEEDOM!




Over the last 10 years, I have evolved from a mindset of anxiety and fear, to a hyper growth mindset of limitless self-belief.

I have left the soul-less corporate grind, to live life on my own terms as an entrepreneur.

I have evolved beyond working to maximise financial wealth, to working to increase my meaningful impact on the world.

I want to describe to you how these shifts took place, as you cannot understand the present, without knowing the past.

Chapter 1: Experimentation

From the ages of 18-24 my life revolved around surfing, snowboarding, chasing women, dreams and thrills. In a 6 year period lived in 5 countries, got a degree, spent 2 years in in Japan, studied eastern philosophy, stretched the boundaries of hedonistic excess... and learned how to be still, develop my mind and meditate. I was experimenting with many things, tasting all life had to offer. It was fun... and full of flow.

Chapter 2: A Rat in a Race

From the age 24-26 I did my first of 2 stints in the corporate world, in London and Hong Kong. Why? Because I began to feel afraid of missing out on these things called "security" and "status". It seemed a good idea, to 24 year old Jiro, to do what everyone else was doing, run like rats onto a sinking ship.

I discovered that the typical corporate work environment is dull and inhumane, a relic of the industrial revolution designed for robots, not humans,

It is a weird world of fakery and fears, hierarchies, egos, backstabbing, office politics and lots of people pretending they care- Selling to themselves that this is what they want to do with their lives.

But Charles Bukowski wrote: "How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?”

But strangely enough, I adapted well to this world, and was very successful. I put this down to my ability to use intuition to read people and situations.

I was able to slip into flow states all the time in conversation with clients, and this made me a very high performer.

Chapter 3: Esoterica, intention, adventure & soul

Still, I didn't last long in Hong Kong. I quit that life in a blaze of glory, and from the ages of 26-28 I returned to my adventurous, hobo ways, travelling around the world quest for wisdom and waves.

If western capitalistic culture had got it so wrong that all these intelligent people were running around on some hamster wheel to nowhere, climbing a slippery pole to bland retirement... then I wanted nothing to do with this.

I immersed myself in various subcultures, studied various esoteric traditions and generally re-conditioned my mind with intention. I studied Buddhism, Yoga and Taoism. I discovered "flow states" and became adept at slipping into different states of mind.

I learned to turn my attention inward, in search of a more rational way to live a good life, and found that connecting with my soul/ intuition/ self, and gaining control over my consciousness, allowed me to choose my state of being. The fears dropped away.

Chapter 4: In the race, but no longer a rat

I moved to Sydney, Australia to build a new life out of the corporate system. I had decided to be an entrepreneur. But such is the way of migration law, I couldn't do this: I would have to spend another 2 years in the profession in which I had skill and experience, and be sponsored to get a visa.

So back into the corporate world for round 2.  I was hired by a boutique consulting firm as a senior headhunter/ consultant. I went to many coffee meetings each day, listening to the frustrations, fears and hopes of the bankers I was headhunting.

I became quite detached from the financial aspect of the role and industry, and immersed myself in the human element.

My job required me to engage with really intelligent people. I loved connecting with them, understanding how their minds worked, learning how their lives were designed and exploring what held them back from living their dreams.

I was in the rat-race, but I wasn't a rat. I was more a curious alien visiting a strange planet, inhabited by people who voluntarily became imprisoned and subservient to comfort and security. Most fascinating.


Chapter 5: Entrepreneurship

The day I got my permanent residency visa in Australia I quit my job to launch my first business.

I wanted to keep doing what I was doing, but on my own terms, and with the type of humans I wanted to work with: entrepreneurs.

So I launched my own company that sourced rockstar talent for boutique trading firms, and advised them on building  peak performance cultures. I made sure that all my clients were owner operated, so that all my interactions would be with the actual founders of the companies.

This was awesome- this was the transition, the launchpad to what I do now.


Chapter 6: Flowstate & beyond

I loved being my own boss and running my own company. I loved helping my clients build their businesses. But something new within me was emerging. It was not something I had control over or had to force to happen.

I suppose this is what I tell my clients real purpose is: unavoidable & unstoppable life force, expressing itself without forcing or effort.

It suddenly became very clear that I was here to play a much bigger game. I was becoming fascinated with the power of entrepreneurship and business.

People like Richard Branson and Elon Musk captured my attention, and I felt that business with positive, human-focused intent was a far more powerful force than government or politics.

The seed started sprouting, a new organism began to take shape, one that contained the DNA of all my past experiences:

  • experiments with awareness, consciousness and the mind
  • helping others escape living in fear and limitation through inner mastery
  • entrepreneurship with purpose
  • playing a leadership role in the emerging future
  • flow states and peak performance mind-states
  • adventures in the most amazing surf and snowboarding destinations in the world

So I decided to build a company based on all this. This is what Flowstate is.

I launched in early 2014 with a bang, an adventure to Japan to go snowboarding and teach 12 people how to become more aware, be in flow and train their brains. We also shredded some of the deepest powder there is.

Flowstate has evolved to become a platform for a very niche type of transformation work for a very specific type of human: We help deep thinking, tech founders develop hyper-growth mindsets & businesses that flow.

The work I do with business founders now is the most fulfilling work I have ever done.

I coach a handful of entrepreneurs privately. We work through blockages, co-create bigger visions and work in partnership to increase the impact we can make on the world through our lives and businesses.

So how does this all work?

Mind-set Design > Life Design > Business design 

You may think these sound like 3 very different things.

But not really. All design is about awareness of energy & skilfully directing its flow.

When you master this in life you effortlessly thrive. You become naturally happy and content. You live in flow.

When this happens in business,  engagement, productivity, creativity goes up; profits go up; impact goes up. The business becomes one that flows.