Progression & Performance  surfing adventure  

Maldives :: September 13-20, 2015

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The Flowstate Collective invite you to join us for our next adventure. This time we are hitting the high seas, aboard a stunning vessel for a week long Surf & Freediving odyssey. 

This is not your usual surf charter. This is a mindful surf trip carefully designed to elevate your surfing performance and give you takeaways that will benefit you for life. Bodhi Whitaker, our private surfing coach, breath guide and yoga teacher will be offering technique analysis and post surf video analysis to go along with a powerful lineup of breath training, mindfulness and flow state neuroscience designed to unleash your full potential.  

This trip is designed for intermediate and advanced surfers. If you are a beginner, not many of the waves will be suitable, but you will find plenty of fun and games on the boat.

Intermediates: If you can surf down the line, then the Maldives is perfect. The waves are perfect for lining up turns, and you won't see many closeouts on this trip. Plus, surf coaching will raise your game fast. 

Barrel hunters, read on:  Bodhi Whitaker will be refining our game, tuning us into the fine art of barrel riding, generating more speed, throwing bigger turns and generally taking your surf game to a whole new level. 

On this 7 day trip, we will be surfing perfect, warm water reef-breaks and diving in our planet's most amazing aquatic playground. 


  • Epic waves, beautiful luxury boat
  • Private surf coach and post-surf video analysis and coaching
  • An introduction to Yoga for surfing
  • Mindfulness meditation & flow states workshop: Optimising our minds for success
  • The neuroscience of goal-smashing
  • 3 nutritious and healthy meals a day
  • Space, comfort, inspiring people
  • Opportunity to do some free-diving & fishing
  • A chance to learn about navigation and sailing from a very experienced skipper


Performance coaching & World-class waves

This Maldives adventure is about more than surfing. The Flowstate ethos is to unleash full potential in life, and this means training the mind as well as the body. We are passionate explorers of full human potential.

Breath training can have profound implications not only for surfing and diving, but in daily life. Our knowledge of meditation, mindfulness and flow states can help you understand how to set up your life to access your full creative and productive range. Increased focus, innovation, and access to your intuition are just some of the benefits of training with us. 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience an immersive adventure with a group of passionate and inspirational explorers of human potential. 

Come and enjoy some of the most perfect waves and stunning diving conditions on earth, re-connect with nature, eating nourishing food while learning proven methods to expand your physical and mental limitations. 

Coach Bodhi & Jiro

Bodhi Whitaker is a frothing, surfing, lifestyle and yoga teacher and an accomplished surfing coach.  From a young age Bodhi has been a New Zealand representative for surfing and also holds 2 national titles. After realising the amazing feeling and lifestyle surfing has given him he has gone on a mission to share this, coaching people who have never surfed before to elite athletes.

Teaching Yoga for surfers workshops and on retreats worldwide, Bodhi is living his dream. Read more here. 

Jiro Taylor is the founder of Flowstate, and an entrepreneur, surfer and performance coach. Since first riding a wave aged 18, Jiro has designed his life and career around playing in the ocean. Jiro is passionate about unlocking potential and is a keen student of philosophy and science. He will be teaching mindfulness meditation, as well as offering workshops on goal setting and training the mind to achieve greater states of focus and creativity. 

Read more about Jiro here. 

The Boat & Crew

flowstate ocean divine flowstate adventure

We will be cruising through this wave-rich zone aboard the Ocean Divine, an amazing handbuilt, modern and spacious boat. The owners David and Gaëlle, have been running tours in the Maldives since 1989.

The Ocean Divine is 34 meters of joy, filled with all the toys.  The beauty of being on a boat which is run by the owners, is the personal touch. David and Gaëlle pride themselves on their attention to detail, local knowledge and friendly service.

David has a deep understanding of the Maldives archipelago and the customs and history of the country. He is also a very experienced sailor who will be delighted to share his knowledge on sailing and navigation. 

With 2 supporting boats we are looking a maximum surf time and minimum hanging around. When not surfing or freediving, we can unwind and relax in absolute 5 star comfort assisted by a highly professional crew including a surf guide, masseuse, top level chef, and bartender.

Check out this video of the boat

flowstate adventure surf retreats yoga meditation

The schedule and vibe:

This is a surf & freedive adventure, so everything will be arranged around those 2 activities. The focus is on exploring and then unleashing our full potential, so we will be playing all day long. Expect to sleep very well. :)

We will keep a very flexible schedule as conditions change constantly and we will be moving according to wind and swell direction. The Maldives is very well suited for both intermediate and more advanced surfers. If you are not so keen on surfing, there will be plenty of other activities to keep you learning and excited.

maldives surf freedive yoga retreat
flowstate adventure surf retreats yoga meditation
maldives flowstate adventure freedive surf yoga meditation


  • Price: AU$ 4, 950 

  • Flights are not included in the price, but we can help arrange


  • All meals- healthy and nourishing meals prepared by a talented chef. We can cater to vegetarians and vegans

  • Accommodation aboard a modern, spacious dream boat

  • Airport pickup and tourism taxes

  • Soft drinks

  • An introduction to freediving and the art of breath holding (suitable for complete beginners)

  • Access to all surf breaks

  • Bodhi Whitaker, our own surf coach

  • Flow state coaching and workshops

  • Daily Meditation and Yoga

As always space are very limited- 12 people is the maximum for this adventure. We have an application process to make sure the people on this trip are all on the same page. Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you with more information. Thanks!

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