An Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is THE MOST POWERFUL method ever developed to unleash your full potential on life. 

That is not just our opinion. In every culture on every continent, in every era of human existence the wisest of the wise have created space for contemplation and stillness. No gadget, new idea or modern concept will ever trump the timeless effectiveness of just being still. 

Over the past 15 years we at Flowstate have experimented with many different methods and traditions, always looking for the common threads and the most simple, yet impactful methods that can help the most people. 

This search led us to mindfulness meditation, a practice rooted in Buddhist methods and adapted to suit a modern audience. This is a simple, yet life-changing practice. It is also completely non-religious,  scientifically supported and can fit seamlessly into anyones life.  

When you get down to it, meditation is just about self-knowledge and self-mastery

The reality is that all of us have brains that produce an extraordinary amount of thought every waking hour. Some of this thought is useful, most of it is not.

Meditation is about making a choice to be the master of the thinking mind, to use it as the powerful tool it is.

As you gain more order in your consciousness you will gain access to an inner intelligence and stillness. You will become a more focused, calm and productive person. You become a higher performing, compassionate, connected,  intuitive and aware human being. 

Mindfulness and Modern Science

In the last 20 years advances in neuroscience have allowed scientists to study meditation, and analyse the benefits.

What used to be a mystical practice is now a proven method to train for higher performance in life. 

Studies have shown mindfulness meditation reduces pain, anxiety and depression, and improves cognitive functions such as learning and memory, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.  

Scientists have also found an increase in immune system strength, physical strength, creativity and intuition in experienced meditators.

Neuroplasticity is the modern term that describes the brains ability to learn new habits and even change its physical structure.

It has been proven by study after study that mindfulness meditation can alter the structure and functions of our brain to achieve greater memory, calmness, concentration, empathy, intuition and awareness.

Our cornerstone

Meditation is the cornerstone of what we teach, because it is from the foundation of focus, mindfulness and awareness that you can spring to great heights. There is little point trying to achieve limitless amazing-ness in your future life, if you can not master living in the NOW. It is always NOW. It has always been NOW and it will only ever be NOW. 

If you don't learn to fully inhabit the present moment, you are missing out on life. 

You can learn mindfulness meditation with us as part of a group in Manly, or through private coaching, wherever you are in the world. 

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The practice of mindulness is a gateway into the experience of interconnectedness and interdependence out of which stem emotionally intelligent actions, new ways of being, and ultimately greater happiness, clarity, wisdom and kindness
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

  • Gaining more presence in daily life
  • Become more connected to yourself, to others and to the natural world
  • Increasing self-awareness, self-accceptance and self-compassion
  • Becoming less judgemental of self and others and less reactive to unpleasant experiences and emotions
  • Developing kindness, compassion and courage
  • Understanding that you are not your thoughts 
  • Developing the wonderful ability to hone your intuition and access your inner wisdom