The Flowstate Principles Podcast

The Flowstate Principles Podcast

Hosted by: Jiro Taylor

The Flowstate Principles Podcast, hosted by Jiro Taylor, shares ideas and leadership principles that contribute to the expansion of human consciousness. To do this, we blend flow science and philosophy,...


TFPP 086: The Path To Self-Mastery With Matt Belair

Season #1 Episode #86

Matt Belair is on the path to self-mastery. We met 2 years ago at a birthday party in Los Angeles, and it was clear from the get-go we were going to... The post TFPP 086: The Path to Self-Mastery with Matt Belair...
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TFPP 085: Meditation 6/ 6 - The Hero's Journey To Your Most Awesome Life

Season #1 Episode #85

What is the Hero's Journey? Joseph Campbell was an anthropologist who studied myth all over the world. He noticed that all over the world, among different people living different lives,... The post TFPP 085:...
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TFPP 084: Flow Consciousness With Justin Faerman

Season #1 Episode #84

Justin Faerman is the co-founder of the Flow Consciousness Institute and possibly the one man on earth who talks more about "flow consciousness" than me. After many months of communicating... The post TFPP 084:...
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TFPP 083: Meditation 5 Of 6: How To Deal With Strong Emotions

Season #1 Episode #83

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." :: Helen Keller Welcome to part 5 of... The post TFPP 083: Meditation 5 of 6: How to Deal with...
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TFPP 082: Exploring Complexity And Purpose With George Pór

Season #1 Episode #82

George Pór is a mentor and strategic learning partner to visionary leaders in business, public service, and civil society, and a mentor to aspiring evolutionary agents. He is one of the most respected... The post...
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TFPP 081: Meditation 4 Of 6 - Developing Body Awareness

Season #1 Episode #81

The body is your friend; it is not your enemy. Listen to its language, decode its language, and by and by, as you enter into the book of the body... The post TFPP 081: Meditation 4 of 6 - Developing Body Awareness...
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TFPP 080: Mikey Siegel And The Convergence Of Technology And Consciousness

Season #1 Episode #80

Mikey Siegel personifies the convergence of technology and consciousness more than anyone. He spends his life "working to create tools that facilitate people's own path toward higher consciousness, self-realization,...
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TFPP 079: Meditation 3 Of 6- The Aware And Thinking Minds

Season #1 Episode #79

In this week's episode, we dive into part 3 of the 6 part series: "Meditation and living in the flow of life." The theme for this week is understanding the... The post TFPP 079: Meditation 3 of 6- The aware and...
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TFPP 078: Nature Connection And Healing Power With Jemmita Gawned

Season #1 Episode #78

Jemmita Gawned (aka Jemma) is a modern day ceremony holder and traveller, carrying with her the wisdom of the Andean Shamanic Path of Peru. I see ourselves as kindred spirits,... The post TFPP 078: Nature...
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TFPP 077: How Meditation & Flow Decreases Stress

Season #1 Episode #77

We're diving into how meditation and flow decrease stress and increase peace, as part 2 of this 6 part meditation mastery series. Listen in to learn:  About the sympathetic and... The post TFPP 077: How Meditation...
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TFPP 076: How To Stay Motivated When The Pain Is Deep With Josh Stinton

Season #1 Episode #76

 In a nutshell, Josh Stinton does crazy hard shit that takes months to train for and induces great amounts of pain, suffering and fear so that he can raise as... The post TFPP 076: How to Stay Motivated when the...
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TFPP 075: Why Practice Meditation And Mindfulness?

Season #1 Episode #75

I believe that meditation and mindfulness is the most powerful and transformative practice anyone can embark on. It is the core to living in the flow of life. If you... The post TFPP 075: Why practice meditation...
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