TFPP 066: The New Story - Co-creating The World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

Season #1 Episode #66

The New Story: An Open Letter to all those who share a vision of a World in Flow.
Back in 2009, I was a slave to the system, my dreams dying as I chased the carrot of what culture called "success". I made a decision to stop chasing money and validation... and instead explore higher meaning. I followed the flow... and eventually learned to enough from nature wisdom holders and raw experience to re-imagine what success really is and to flow as life flows. 5 years later, in 2014 I launched Flowstate to go all-in, keep learning and to share learnings with anyone who cared to listen. Now, on this 4 year anniversary of Flowstate... it's time to honour a new calling: 100% commitment to supporting impact driven business founders who are in service to people and planet. The post TFPP 066: The New Story - Co-creating the World Our Hearts Know is Possible appeared first on Flowstate Collective.

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