The Flowstate Principles Podcast

The Flowstate Principles Podcast

Hosted by: Jiro Taylor

The Flowstate Principles Podcast, hosted by Jiro Taylor, shares ideas and leadership principles that contribute to the expansion of human consciousness. To do this, we blend flow science and philosophy,...


TFPP 062: Aaron Gazzola: How To Lucid Dream

Season #1 Episode #62

The post TFPP 062: Aaron Gazzola: How to Lucid Dream appeared first on Flowstate Collective.
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TFPP 061: Dan Brulé- A Master Of Breathing & Flow

Season #1 Episode #61

[dropcap size=big]D[/dropcap]an Brulé is a pioneer in the field of breathwork and one of the originators of Breath Therapy. He teaches conscious breathwork to elite humans and teams, including hostage extraction... ...
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TFPP 060: Steve James The Guru Viking

Season #1 Episode #60

Steve James is, quite possibly the human, fiery bearded re-incarnation of Yoda. Timeless wisdom emerges from him through impeccably Zen sentences and movement patterns. He's funny in an off-beat dry,... The post...
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TFPP 059: Chris Plough: The Powerful Fuel Of Fulfilment

Season #1 Episode #59

Chris Plough is on a mission to connect humanity by creating sustainable world change for Good. He explores what it means to be human to equip you for the world that... The post TFPP 059: Chris Plough: The Powerful...
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TFPP 058: A Vision Quest To Wholeness With Jiro Taylor

Season #1 Episode #58

Click above to listen, below to watch, scroll down to read: My name is Jiro Taylor. This is a story of a recent journey or vision quest I created for... The post TFPP 058: A Vision Quest to Wholeness with Jiro...
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TFPP 057: Julian Palmer: Ayahuasca Articulations

Season #1 Episode #57

Julian Palmer doesn't really fit any conventional labels, and that's the way he prefers it. "Im pretty much against all identity structures", says the writer, explorer and self-trained entheo-botanist. He... The...
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TFPP 056: Laird Hamilton- How To Stay Wild And Free In A Domesticated World

Season #1 Episode #56

Laird Hamilton is a modern day Wild Man and a legend of freedom and flow. Best known as a big-wave surfing pioneer and iconic waterman, Laird has spent his whole... The post TFPP 056: Laird Hamilton- How to Stay...
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TFPP 055: Chris Knight: Emotional Anatomy And Body Mind Connection

Season #1 Episode #55

This is Chris Knight, the founder of Emotional Anatomy, Intuitive Unwinding Meditation & co/founder of Soul Space Brisbane. He is also the most knowledgeable and articulate person I have met when it comes to......
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TFPP 054: Giles Hutchins: The Fusion Of Wisdom, Business And Nature

Season #1 Episode #54

Giles Hutchins is a powerful change catalyst and visionary who helps leaders and organisations become "future fit", capable of co-creating the sustainable and harmonious future we all want. His passion... The post...
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TFPP 053: Richmond Heath: Neurogenic Trauma Release As A Path To Expanded Self-awareness And Flow

Season #1 Episode #53

This is Richmond Heath. He's an expert on Trauma Release and has some powerful and practical knowledge on how to experience more flow. The modality in which he is gaining... The post TFPP 053: Richmond Heath:...
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TFPP 052: How To Flow Through Fear With Dr Kate Baecher

Season #1 Episode #52

Dr Kate Baecher is a Performance Psychologist, climber, mountaineer, mischief-maker, free-spirit, loyal human and all round lover of nature, and an expert when it comes to flowing through fear. On... The post TFPP...
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TFPP 051: Futurism, Psychedelics And Flow With Jordan Lejuwaan

Season #1 Episode #51

This is Jordan Lejuwaan. He's a very interesting human being. I've wanted to interview him for years because he created a blog/ community that changed my life... and I sensed... The post TFPP 051: Futurism,...
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