If you are reading this page, its likely you know something about meditation, and you feel that it can add value to your life. Your intuition is correct.

There is nothing more transformational than gaining the ability to focus your mind and open your awareness to the fullness of the present moment. It will change your life.

As you progress down the path of awareness, you gain new levels of emotional intelligence and clarity. This clarity comes from tapping into intuitive intelligence. As you live more from this solid foundation of authentic action, you become clear on your purpose and can start to use your thinking mind as the powerful tool it is, and set out to achieve the goals and dreams your are intent on. 

Don't take our word for it. Read some of my testimonials. 


The concept of mindfulness is simple to understand, but it is not necessarily easy to practice consistently. Through the practices we guide you through, your awareness in each moment will dramatically increase and you will develop a clear sense of who you are and what it is you are to achieve in this world.

You will walk away after each coaching session with clarity towards knowing what you next step is and be provided with the tools to take it.  With strong habits and rituals instilled daily, your willpower and inner motivation develops. 

We will talk or meet up once a week, and have regular contact on email or phone throughout the week to support your new habits and rituals. Having a meditation teacher to support you is the best way to stay on the path. 


No one says meditation is easy. It is a simple concept, but it requires dedication and commitment. In this modern age of technology and attention-grabbing gadgets, headlines and distractions, it becomes ever more difficult to be still and silent.  We blend eastern philosophy, with neuroscience to illuminate the power of meditation and present a clear path to creating a life-long practice. This is a structured and systematic method, but one with the flexibility to adapt to people with differing learning preferences.  So our training is about way more than giving instructions to sit and meditate for 10 or 20 minutes a day. This is about becoming aware of life.  So we create a meditation plan that blends in with your real life. Everything you do can be done either mindlessly or mindfully. We guide you along a path, where mindful awareness becomes a way of living. 

Private meditation coaching is with Jiro Taylor Click below for more details on Jiro or click here to set up a call to discuss further.