Since 2014 I have curated private journeys and luxury retreats for small groups of founders and CEOs, who are drawn to work with plant medicines and psychedelics.

These retreats are a beautiful opportunity to:

  • rest, recharge & reset
  • gain deeper clarity on life and business
  • Re-imagine visions/ goals/ ideas
  • be inspired by connecting with like-minded and open-hearted founders

These retreats provide a safe, welcoming and inspiring environment to do the deepest inner exploration, and have been catalytic in helping my clients to break through self-limitations and operate from higher levels of clarity, conviction and creativity.

Optimal preparation and integration of the experience is a core part of my work.




Due to the sensitive nature of this work, the best way to learn more is to have a private conversation.

If you feel the call, click below to learn more and set up a private call.

Our next retreats are: Mexico in Feb, 2023 & Portugal in July 2023.

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