ReWilding is the systematic approach to transcending our own domestication, and restoring some of our more diminished but still accessible physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual attributes. These characteristics are still present within us, encoded as they are into our ancient hominid genome, but have lain — until now — dormant. Like a seed that awaits the wet drink of water that will awaken it to the spring, so to does our wildness sleep…
— Daniel Vitalis

ReWilding describes the movement to restore our dimished powers, and reclaim our full Human birthrights.

This goes far deeper than eating wild salmon and free-range eggs. This concerns the totality of our existence and every sphere of life.

There is much to be learned from our human ancestors. Just as there is much to be learned from the few indigenous peoples living wild now, and from the traditions of peoples who are no longer.

ReWilding is a philosophy of living more naturally as part of our environment, and taking steps to reclaim behaviours and powers that are programmed into our Human DNA- behaviours that make us feel more human and alive. 

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