Executive flow Coaching Clients

Cam Speck, Co-Founder of fitplan.io

Cam Speck, co-founder of tech start-up fitplanapp.com

"When I connected with Jiro for the first time I was very unclear about my purpose. My self belief was minimal and my direction was scattered.

Jiro has helped me connect with my self, follow my intuition and believe anything is possible. It was not any one thing he told me, it was how he coached me though a process of becoming aligned with my values and goals and applying those to my purpose. 

I have never been more clear on my purpose, I have never been happier and I have never felt more fulfilled than I do now. 

My business is thriving, I am attracting amazing people into my life that are supporting me in living the life I desire. I have a deeper relationship with myself and my belief has become so strong I know the impact on can make on the world is endless.  Thank you Jiro for giving me the strength, courage and tools to create an authentic life I desire and live in Flow.

Advait Shinde, CTO & co-founder of GoGuardian.com

Advait Shinde, CTO & co-founder of GoGuardian.com

Advait Shinde, co-founder & CTO of tech startup goguardian.com

As someone who is new to management and entrepreneurship, I have a lot to work on. Jiro has helped me on two levels. At a low level, Jiro helps me tackle specific problems I am facing, giving very pertinent advice on how to handle situations. 

However, more importantly, we have been fleshing out high-level vision. Why am I doing what I'm doing? Why does GoGuardian, the company I cofounded, exist? As the company continues to grow, it is important to have a solid, core foundation to help guide us. Jiro has been essential in making this happen. 

The weekly sync I have with Jiro is my favorite part of the week. Our conversations are heavy, dense, and effective - we drill down into the core of my issues and hit them hard. 

There has been a tangible improvement in my effectiveness as a leader and executor since I started working with Jiro. It's been invaluable and I'm looking forward to seeing how we can continue to grow together.

Kevin Phan, Online Marketing Entrepreneur

Kevin Phan, Online Marketing Entrepreneur

Kevin Phan, Online Marketing Entrepreneur

When I started working with Jiro,  I was constantly stressed out, didn't know how to express myself to others and my coworkers and was not using my work time efficiently.

I learned that there is a step by step process in order to get into "flow' state and that it's not just for productivity. It's much much more than that. It all starts with self-awareness and that you can create flow for every part of your life.

I learned the basic needs of human happiness and most importantly what is going to make me happy. Each person's happiness is different. That comes from a deep understanding of self.

There were thoughts, emotions, ideas etc. within me that were there, buried beneath me but never fully brought out before or understood by me. Some of them were new to me - almost scary and some were amazing - each of the them were necessary to understand myself.   

I learned how to be more self aware through mindfulness, meditation, assessments, journaling and affirmations. The real breakthrough was understanding and observing myself - my thoughts, actions, senses and emotions. It led to understanding who  I am on a authentic identity level. This leads to core confidence and many other things that I'm starting to figure out day to day.

This directly translated into feeling less stressed. I would say that my stress levels have went from a level 9/10 to 0-1/10 since getting coaching. I'm much more aware of the present moment and when I do feel out of balance I have the know how to understand why I'm stressed or feeling a certain way and to get back into balance.

I understand how to detach from my thinking brain and know how to effectively use my brain for "Flow Sessions'. In these sessions my productivity has increased dramatically. A normal work task that would take me about 6 hours was reduced to 2 hours.  

The more I learned about myself, it translated into better relationships with my coworkers and loved ones. I was able to freely express my thoughts and opinions because I understood what's optimal for myself, how to express my authentic self and what makes me happy in the workplace.

Most importantly, I have a better relationship with myself.



Amazing experience guys- well done! You planned every detail, but let it flow also- a great balance with a great group- how did you arrange all that powder?

You guys have a great dynamic together, sense of humour and are experts on your subjects. The last night was great bonding and had a special energy which is testament to your efforts and character. Sayonara and arigato!
— Patrick Moore
I would like to express my gratitude for taking the time and energy into imparting your knowledge, experience and passion for flow, snowboarding and your life lessons. The week was phenomenal. Your delivery of the information was clear and concise, well presented, easily digested and FRESH. I love the blend of modern science with traditional philosophy, and I especially enjoyed the exercises interspersed between the presentations.

The structure of the week worked well with the early morning movement, breakfast and then onto the mountain. Being an independent soul, I appreciated the opportunities to join with the group for activities, then do my own thing and re-group later on.

I personally appreciated the time you both took to snowboard with me and give me pointers and refinements. I love being encouraged to push harder!

It is always so exciting and inspiring to be part of a project where people are truly following their passions and dreams. It is very obvious how much time, effort, thoughtfulness, mindfulness and love you have invested in this baby, and it is a credit to you all.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the week and look forward to watching Flowstate develop.
— Alexandra Murcott
Thank you for a fantastic week. I really enjoyed the skiing and the content. The preparation and compilation of content is obviously something a lot of effort has gone into. You both actively sought to make real connections with each group member and that style filtered throughout the whole group. Hats off to you guys. I’m sure this will be the first of many successful retreats.
— Rachel Porter
Jiro and Troy- thanks for getting me stoked on powder again and for showing me a way to integrate my yoga practice into my every day life and skiing. What I loved about he retreat was the daily practice of yoga, Qi Gong and meditation and the skiing and workshops. I also liked the vibe of having some structure but also some free time. Thanks for letting a telemarker ski with you guys and hope our paths cross again!
— Carmen Lee
I was lucky enough to be a part of a beautiful retreat with a group of amazing individuals. I believe that this time helped me redirect the course of my daily life and reset the clock to live in flow and follow the path to happy which is what we all should be.

I feel more still and centred now then I can ever remember. We were both challenged and guided to be present and aware of our breath, our lives. Thank you Flowstate for letting me walk that path with you. I feel good :)
— Rosemary Butera

MIndfulness meditation clients

After attending an epic retreat with the Flowstate Collective in Japan, I was eager to dive deeper into mindfulness mediation. I had dabbled in mediation before but I struggled to develop a regular practice and so I decided to sign up for Jiro’s “6 weeks to Stillness” Meditation Mastermind.

The course was so interesting and inspiring I found I was excited by the thought of getting into more mindfulness meditation. Each week Jiro provided us with new methods to try and new information to digest all based on the science of mindfulness. I have finished the course with a new found motivation for meditation and I now have a regular practice!

Most importantly, I can see how mindfulness mediation has impacted my life in ways I would have never imagined! I would highly recommended this course to anyone interested in becoming a better human :)
— Tamara Welsh
My intention for this course was to bring more presence into my day to day life and it has definitely been met with lots of bonus :)
I honestly can’t point at anything I would change! Loved every thing about it - guided meditations, talks, discussions, poems, Friday sessions... perfect for me!
— Marina Pizarro
My aim was to learn about the practice of meditation, the benefits of it and how I can incorporate it into my every day life. These intentions were definitely met.

The breathing exercises were particularly helpful, as well as the advice on how to be mindful in any moment.

I particularly liked the facebook group, the shared content and thoughts was interesting and it was nice to hear the honest and open thoughts from people that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else.

In terms of content, I liked the content that was more scientific and the practices that you can use in various situations to be mindful.
— Jacob Horne
I entered this course looking for some stillness in my mind. My main goal was to get into a daily meditation routine, and I have achieved it.

Not only did I learn mindful meditation, but also, I can see mindfulness in every activity in my day, like making tea, drinking it, washing dishes (even washing dishes has turned into a great experience).

I am aware that even if I feel I have no time to meditate, I can use mindfulness to squeeze in meditation in my day.

Everytime I think about this course, I can keep repeating only one thing: Awareness. I am aware of my emotions, I am aware Im not my thoughts, I can meditate though being fully aware of whatever it is Im doing.

Honestly, I can’t think of something you can do better. Im highly grateful for all you gave me. You gave me a start, a routine and a practice for my life
— Geissy Poggioli
As a working mum of two young children, I was often rushing from one activity to the next and days were just passing in a blur. I wanted to find a way to be more ‘present’ and just enjoy time with my kids without always thinking what else I should be doing.

I had heard more and more friends say that they meditated and I thought, “Why not give it a try?”.

Jiro’s passion for life and love of meditation is clear from the outset. He encourages you to start the habit with just a few minutes a day which is really achievable. There are also great mindfulness exercises that you can do as part of your every day life and immediately you slow down and notice more. It was also really interesting to learn more about the theory and science behind mindfulness and understand why it’s so important. It takes practice but I feel calmer with my children and without question more content with my life.

If you feel like you don’t have time to do this course - you definitely need to do it!
— Sarah Bunting
I was feeling unfocused in my life and thought that learning about meditation and incorporating it into my daily life might help me get back on track.

I found learning about the brain and the impact of meditation really interesting and after only a few meditation sessions I felt a lot calmer and that I was living in the present more fully/aware.

The course exceeded my expectations both in terms of what I learned and how it has positively impacted my life. Just loved it

I have been meditating once to twice a day for 15-20mins. I use the breathing techniques we learnt in the course and try to focus on the sounds around me if I find myself wandering into thought.

I also have been trying to incorporate mindfulness into my day to day activities... when sitting on the beach or ferry, walking, eating... and I find that I am enjoying even some of the simplest pleasures even more.
I liked that we started and ended each session with a meditation and each time learned some different techniques to try and reduce thoughts (breathing, visualization, sounds).

I really liked learning about the brain and how it reacts in different situations.

I thought you structured the classes really well so that they weren’t too rigid and allowed random diversions of topic to happen every now and again but were good to get things back on track when needed. I also really liked it when you asked for feedback on how everyone was going with their meditating but then provided your own experiences to show that it continues to be hard even after practicing for awhile and not to expect too much of ourselves.

Thank you so much!
— Natasha Thomas