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I help those on a spiritual path get clarity and take action towards living a more meaningful and impactful life.

I help them see beneath the stories, beliefs, conditioning, and ideas of who they think they are....

...to realize the timeless truth of who they really are. 

For ten years now I have guided my clients to a deep realization that they are powerful creator beings, embodied souls on a profound journey to expand. 

I guide those that walk with me inwards to a deeper understanding of self, consciousness, the laws of the universe, the patterns of nature, and the traps of the mind that keep them from playing a bigger game.

Over time, the work we do together enables them to thrive on all dimensions- most importantly, on the inner dimensions of self-acceptance and inner harmony.

I've had amazing success in helping them anchor into the deepest truths and to channel the power their souls into all their relationships, projects, dreams and prayers.


How do I work?

I love 1-on-1 mentoring journeys and cultivating deep relationships. For my private mentoring clients, we usually journey together for years and achieve remarkable transformations. I invite my private clients on adventures, to the ceremonies I partake in, and to meet the various masters I work with.

I also love holding adventures in wild places, and every year I will usually facilitate 3 Quests that blend deep nature connection, ceremony, rewilding and self-inquiry into a potent transformational experience.

Who do I work with?

The humans that come to me for help are usually highly curious and motivated beings who are stepping into a new way of living. 

This could be a step away from an old identity, relationship, career, or stage of life, and a bold step into a path that feels more true, purposeful, and exciting.

Often I work with very talented and ambitious change-makers and entrepreneurs who are using business as a vehicle for growth and transformation or as a platform for creative self-expression.

I've worked with CEOs of billion-dollar companies, pioneering entrepreneurs breaking ground in new fields, artists of all kinds, and also those who don't wear any titles or labels but are just deeply committed to truth.

I also run a men's only program, for men stepping up and walking the path of truth.

How does private mentoring work? 

As a real example, I'll talk about one of my clients I've worked with for over 5 years. He’s a humble, introverted genius who leads a world-class company growing at a rapid rate. 

We’ve worked together since 2015, when the company was just starting, and he was anxious about... well, everything.

I remember the email he sent me when he asked to work together. He said:

“I feel so trapped in a prison of self-limitation. The experience and skills I have are insufficient for the task at hand. I need help”

He was stunned to realise that he had the power to choose a new reality and belief system. That blew his mind.

At the time the company had about 8 staff working from a tiny apartment, and the burden of scaling this company was overwhelming.

He felt anxious about the future, and afraid of letting everyone down. I could see the stress weighing him down and effecting his health.

Over the next few months, I helped him dismantle his entire belief system, and re-built a new and fluid operating system based on the premise that there is no objective reality- perception is everything.

This enabled him to learn and intuit tactical leadership skills and business acumen. From his new level of self-awareness and belief, he was able to vision and execute at an elite level.

Within 4 years on he was the CEO of the fastest growing education technology company on the planet.... and the most high-performing yet chill CEO I’ve ever met.


Is it just CEO's and leaders I work with?

I do love working with those who have a large vision and are taking action towards it. 

However, I'm not fixated on what this vision is. As long as I know the human being is on the humble journey to the heart and has the commitment to follow through and take action, I'm in to help. 

I currently mentor 25 men through a program called Shambhala Warrior.

On this journey, miracles, healings and profound transformations are happening every week. 


I love being a bridge that connects my clients with ancient wisdom, cutting edge emotional, neural, and immune boosting protocols that radically increase contentment, confidence, wisdom and performance.

I love helping them master the codes that activate their presence and power.

So much of my work is behind the scenes, on an energetic level, subtly guiding and allowing them to have their own experiences and do the work, to find their own answers and develop their own intuitive powers.

I’m always giving brotherly support and that means sometimes I have conversations in which I will call them out on their bullshit.

And I make sure they do the same for me. Out of respect.

I ask questions that no-one else in their life does. I listen to them sharing anything and everything that goes on in their life.

I use my discernment to help them see opportunities for growth.

And I invite them on life-changing adventures. 


Let me tell you about the adventures.

Several times a year we go on highly bespoke, curated adventures in places like Australia, Hawaii, Bali, or Peru. We get out in nature a lot because the office is not where natural thriving is activated.

These are spiritual journeys, sometimes working with consciousness expanding plant medicines that help us remember the true depths of what we are…. and what we are not.

These ceremonies are total game-changers, because they allow my clients to have a first hand experience of non-rational mystical reality. They get to journey beyond the thinking mind.

These experiences of awe and wonder lead to deep connection with ones true self. 

Our adventures are catalysts of explosive growth. This is the shit that really wakes you up fast. 

Sure, this may involve a few margarita’s in a deluxe pad…. But it also involves going into the wild and going into situations where we face our shit head-on and do the work to evolve.

The truth is that high performance has little to do with hacks and habits. That comes later- the cherry on the cake. The cake is the awareness and unleashing of the soul. The soul contains are unique genius.

We’re not interested in “self-improvement” or “personal development”. That's weak sauce for the masses.

We do remembrance, activation and expression of our wild-souls. This the type of mastery that mystics, shamans and sages for thousands of years have dedicated themselves to. This is inner alchemy- deep sacred work that  transforms a human from the inside out.

My role is to curate the experiences that will create the deepest alchemical activations and my clients commit to these experiences like warrrior’s.

I help my clients before, during and after the experiences so they can apply the learnings in their businesses and personal lives. 

Learn more about our adventures & quests here.


What's the result of this combo of mystical teaching + peak performance coaching + spiritual adventures?

My clients learn to see beyond the ego. They drop all the self-limiting stories. Their creative genius and confidence explodes.

They tap into their inner power that has always been there, hidden beneath layers of insecurities.

They start thinking bigger and bolder. They learn to be in flow on demand. They start behaving like the visionary game-changers they are.

And as a result they become highly inspiring and effective leaders.

They raise more capital. They sense strategic opportunities. They to learn to trust and empower their staff. They build thriving company cultures.

They become masters of energy. And as all billionaires know, you want to be a master of energy if you want to be a master of business.

And of course, this mastery results in huge financial outcomes and impact outcomes. I won’t detail these here, because its private and  it just isn’t as important to me as the transformation my clients achieve as human beings on a journey to wholeness.

All my clients learn that to be a man is to live with integrity, honour, reverence for the Earth and to experience this life with deep gratitude and humility.

And so the journey continues. And the conversations deepen, and I’m there the whole time as a guide… holding the door open to the infinite and timeless.

That’s really what I do, in a nutshell.

If you are a success-focused founder, obsessed by limitless potential and you want a guide for your spiritual journey, let's talk. 



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