Are you a man asking the deepest questions?

Are you ready to listen to the answers?

Perhaps then, you are ready to quest. 

From August 29- September 5th Leon Cossar, Steve Morrison and I will lead a group of men into mythic and wild territory. 

If you are called, for 4 days and nights you will make a sacrifice and go without food and all things familiar. 

Sitting alone in the woods you will do what so few do: honour your soul by carving out the time and sacred space to do the deepest work.

Soul Quest is a rite of passage on which you initiate yourself into a deeper awareness and higher wisdom.

Our role is to prepare you. To ensure that when you cross the threshold you are ready, and when you return you have the tools to alchemise your lead into gold. 




This Soul Quest is held, with great reverence and respect, in Northern NSW, Bundjalung country. 

This is gritty and gutsy work, but you need no camping, wilderness or survival experience. 

We take preparation and integration very seriously, so enrolment in Soul Quest involves a series of group mentoring calls before and after. 

If sincere, contact me ASAP for a conversation.

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