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My focus is on helping leaders evolve rapidly, so they can make a greater contribution with their lives.

I help them tap in to deeper sources of power, to unlock inner genius and to overcome the blocks to authentic expression.

I consider a leader someone that uses their personal power to influence other people towards a common vision or goal. This is a sacred responsibility.

I believe that leaders who have been on a journey to discover their truth, are on the front-lines of human evolution. 

They are the most impactful humans on the planet.

That's why helping them transform and lead at higher levels is my mission - my life's calling.


The men I work with are high- achievers, but they often feel:

  • Uninspired by their current reality

  • Trapped by over-thinking

  • Physically exhausted

  • Confused about what to strive for

  • Stressed and anxious

  • A yearning for deeper meaning

When a leader connects with his truth, these challenges are naturally overcome. 

When they are overcome they can lead with conviction in service to self, and all life.


Who do I work with?


I work with curious and open-minded men who are CEOs, founders, thought-leaders or pioneers in their fields.

By working with leaders of influence my work is ripple out to impact teams, organisations, industries, culture and eventually global systems.

That's why I work with men of impact and influence.

The leaders I work with are on the threshold of transformation, or on a steep evolutionary trajectory that requires guidance.

They have seen beyond the veils of what most see as “success” and are now in search of the missing piece. Sometimes they have found it, and want help embodying it.


What do I do?


The techniques I use are my own blend of transformation methods drawn from my personal life journey, and the best wisdom I have embodied from shamanism, flow states, neurobiology, psychology and consciousness science.

My philosophy is that all the wisdom already resides within. But one has to find the key and learn how to unlock the inner knowing and rekindle the power to express it.

I insist on a minimum of 6 months commitment to honour the depth of this work.

The work involves regular deep conversations and meeting up in person for immersions in nature. The nature time is critical, because wild nature and our wild souls are deeply entwined. 

Awakenings don't happen in the office.


What are the results of my work?


Each of my clients has experienced profound shifts in awareness, that result in: 

  • More confidence and self-belief
  • Clarity of thought, and enhanced intuition
  • Increased communication skills 
  • Greater visionary capacity
  • A deeper connection with self, others and the Earth
  • Greater impact with less stress
  • An authentic sense of soul-mission in life


What are the next steps if you are considering working with me?


The next step is to schedule a call with me. I work with very few private clients, as this is my deepest level of work.

So please take the time to complete the application form, and really feel into your level of commitment. 

Are you truly ready to honour my time and life's work and commit to your transformation and evolution?

If so, please click below to apply for a free consultation with me. I'd be honoured to connect with you.

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